Appendix B: Company Questionnaire  ( Chapter V. Appendices)
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Child Labor Report 2005

Appendix B: Company Questionnaire

Company Name:________________________________


Contact Person:________________________________


1. Approximately how much apparel do you import annually (in dollar value)?

2. From what countries do you import apparel?

3. Can you provide us with the names and locations of:

(i) foreign facilities that you own or have an ownership interest in from which you import apparel;

(ii) foreign contractors and subcontractors from which you import apparel.

4. Does your company have a code of conduct or policy regarding labor prac tices in overseas production? Does it contain a provision on child labor? If so, please provide us with a copy.

5. If you use a third party purchaser to import apparel for you, do you require them to comply with or enforce your code of conduct or policy on child labor? Do you know if your third party purchaser has its own code of con duct or policy on child labor?

6. How does your company implement your code of conduct or policy on child labor? Do you monitor overseas production facilities for compliance with your code of conduct or policy on child labor? Who does the monitoring for your company, how is monitoring carried out, and how often is it done? What problems have you encountered in implementing your code of con duct or policy on child labor?

7. Has your company ever found child labor in any overseas production facili ties from which you import? If so, please provide specific instances and the actions that you took.

Please send us your most recent annual report.

Child Labor Report 2005

This report was developed and provided by the U.S. Labor Department

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