Black Friday Sales Results 2019

Black Friday Sales Results

Don't ask me how they figure it out, but here is some sales report data for Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2019.

Note: these are obviously only "estimates".  This is regarding all product, NOT only fashion.

Adobe Systems found that shoppers spent 4.2 billion dollars online on Thanksgiving Day.  That was a 14.5% increase year over year and a new record high with 65% of digital orders placed via a mobile device (smartphone).  The digital spending continued on Black Friday to reach $7.4 billion as per Adobe.  By the way, if you want to do the math that means Black Friday was $3.2 billion.

  • $4.2 billion Thanksgiving
  • $3.2 billion Black Friday
  • $7.4 billion (Thanksgiving + Black Friday)

Data from ShopperTrack found that brick & mortar sales rose 2.3% on Thanksgiving, but fell 6.2% on Black Friday.

Data Source Nasdaq Apparel Search Retrieved 12/2/19 from article at:

Adobe Analytics: discover consumer spending trends to understand how they are buying this season.

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