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Many of the fashion schools provide programs to help you along your career path.  However, if you enjoy learning about clothing or textiles you do not have to obtain a full degree.  You can pick and choose fashion classes to improve your understanding of the market.  If you're not ready for a full program, try one class and you'll find out if this is the right career for you.  Many of the fashion schools have entry-level courses that are available in various disciplines from fashion, technical, productions, and graphics design.

Academy of Art University: Construct the styles of tomorrow. Learn from the finest creative minds working in fashion today. Students pursuing a Fashion Design degree have access to the tools and cutting-edge facilities needed for creating collections that garner accolades at New York Fashion Week and the Graduation Fashion Show in San Francisco.  Join them and bring your vision to life on the runway.  Academy of Art University has one of the top fashion schools in the nation.  Their program provides students with a global vision that combines the design excellence of traditional European fashion with the energy and technology of the modern fashion industry. Top industry professionals teach a curriculum includes coursework in design, merchandising, textiles, and knitwear, providing opportunities for graduates worldwide.  Studio courses hone the student's mastery of fashion industry standards in design and construction, culminating in the production of a professional fashion collection or portfolio.  A student's portfolio demonstrates mastery of the mutually productive elements of individual style and technical expertise.  Selected collections are chosen to be part of the Academy's annual Fashion Show.  Merchandising majors acquire the skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry in buying, product development, retail management, or marketing.

Design Entrepreneurs NYC: An initiative by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and NYCEDC, Design Entrepreneurs NYC is a free, intensive "mini-MBA" program that equips select fashion designers with the skills they need to successfully run a fashion label, including marketing, operations, and financial management.  Design Entrepreneurs NYC is a targeted effort to support emerging talent in order to grow the City as a hub of fashion design.  Design Entrepreneurs NYC is one of six initiatives resulting from Fashion.NYC.2020, an ongoing examination of the challenges facing the fashion industry to help the City build on its competitive advantages to maintain its status as a global fashion capital.

The New School Parsons: This basic intensive course provides students with a foundation in both the construction and graphic skills and strategies necessary to begin a career in fashion design.  The course is intended for those who wish to engage in all the elements of the design process, from sketch to finish. Two instructors collaborate each week, integrating their curricula to cover basic skills and common problems in apparel design. General themes and topics include form, color, and pattern; the purpose of sewing; pattern drafting and draping; fabric selection and textile technology; model drawing and the purpose of the design sketch; history; and contemporary fashion. The course addresses issues of designing a collection as well as audience and marketing considerations for the designer. Students are expected to complete regular assignments for in-class critique and keep a standard fashion source book throughout the course.  Fashion Design merges sketching and general visual skills with the power of the imagination. Parsons fashion students have always been on the cutting edge of style.  Fashion Design offers a variety of courses, from the general (e.g., Design Sketching) to the specialized (e.g., Costume Design).

New York School of Design: From flats hand drawing to 3D models to creating presentation models, this program is designed to prepare you for a job in fashion design.  Their fashion design classes and  programs are focused and encompass the necessary and relevant curricula to take their students to the next level in their career and beyond.  All of their programs, including fashion design and technical design, focus on career training and prepare you to land that first job in the fashion world.   Their expert faculty are industry professionals who had once been in the same shoes as you.

University of Fashion: Are you trying to get into a fashion school and don't know the first thing about how to get a portfolio together? Are you in school or already studying at a fashion design school and need help with your design projects? Or, are you a home sewer or teacher looking for fashion tips from fashion college professors and fashion industry professionals? The University of Fashion is the premier online fashion school for anyone looking to learn all about fashion design. Founded by a designer and fashion college professor, their fashion design lessons will teach you all about design. They bring the fashion design school to you, at your convenience on any device.

If you are ready to take a fashion design class, now is a good time.

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