Popular Careers in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry Careers

What is the most popular career path in the fashion industry?  Good question for which we don't have an exact answer.  The industry does not have one central employment database for data scientists to create an accurate evaluation.  However, it is fair to say we can figure out some of the most popular choices. 

Fashion Designers

Retail Sales Associate

Production Managers / Sourcing / Compliance

Retail Store Buyer

Product Development

Marketing / Social Media / Public Relations

Import Manager / Logistics / Freight

Art Director / Design Illustrators

Textile Designer

Fashion Modeling

Fashion Stylist

Trend Forecaster

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Just a reminder, it is always a great time to start searching for employment in the clothing or textile industry.  Jump start your career with new & exciting opportunities.  You can thrive for sure, if you put in the effort.