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What are my career options?  If you would like to work in the apparel industry your career options are plentiful.

Are you wondering how to land your dream job or negotiate a salary you deserve? Finding answers to questions like these can be hard, unless you look for answers in the proper places.  The Apparel Search fashion jobs guide can help you locate the resources to assist you on your fashion career path.

Employment is the condition of having paid work.  It is a person's trade or profession.  Fashion jobs are employment opportunities in the fashion industry.  The fashion industry is more than simply fashion trends, designers, models, and fashion week events.  There is a huge support staff behind the scenes.  The garment industry is full of glamorous as well as many not so glamorous tasks.  All fashion jobs are crucial in order to keep the fashion world spinning properly.

Fashion careers include the occupation of fashion designer, retail buyer, fashion merchandiser, retail manager, personal stylist, fashion illustrator, visual merchandiser, pattern maker, sewer, textile designer, and the list goes on and on.  The fashion industry has a long and broad list of career options.  In addition to the popular fashion jobs such as working as a fashion designer, it is important to not forget about the numerous behind the scenes opportunities in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and finance.  For a fashion business to be successful, the company can run on fashion design alone.  A popular brand can design the absolute best product, but they want be successful if they don't have employees that can also manage production, quality control, transportation, inventory management, etc.  Fortunately, the apparel industry has many great opportunities for employment.

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Are you looking for the latest job opportunities and advice for a career in fashion?  Possibly you are an employer seeking the best candidates with fashion industry experience.  Regardless of your interest in researching fashion jobs, you have come to the proper place to get started.

Where to find fashion jobs?

Go Direct to the Company - You can find fashion jobs by visiting clothing company websites and going to their careers page.  Most of the large fashion wholesalers & retailers have sections on their sites devoted to current job opportunities.  If you have interest in a particular popular brand, simply visit their site to learn more about potential employment opportunities.

Employment Agencies - similar to other industries, the apparel industry has several fashion industry employment agencies that specialize in helping match employees with employers.  The majority of the agencies do not charge the potential employee.  Obviously, you should ask them about their policies before signing any contracts.

Career Websites - Not sure if you have been living in a cave for a while, but you probably have heard of the internet.  If you search for fashion jobs online, you will most certainly find numerous career sites to help you find current opportunities.  Our guess is that you will find hundreds of sites and thousands of fashion job listings.  Start with the big search engines because they usually have most of the listings.  However, using some of the smaller search engines can also pay off with additional leads.

The following websites cater more specifically to the clothing industry.

Business of Fashion: find all the latest jobs and advice for a career in fashion, luxury and beauty. Plus employers can find the best candidates in fashion.

StyleCareers: Online since 2001, is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet.  They have an industry-leading jobs board

WWD Careers is the site for finding jobs in the fashion, beauty and retail industries.

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