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Recruiters are a valuable source in the job search process.  Before job candidates contact a recruiter, they should gain a better understanding as to how recruiting agencies work. Here, Apparel Search offers some insight.

Employers engage recruiters for many reasons with the main reason likely being to save them time.  Recruiters have a knack (and the time considering it is their business) for narrowing the search down to a few qualified resumes. When employers post a job ad, they tend to receive (and have to screen) thousands of resumes, and it takes an enormous amount of time on behalf of the employer to go through, question and, qualify each candidate, which is a main factor in going with a recruiting firm.

It is in the job candidates best interest to use a recruiting firm as they will almost always negotiate a better compensation and benefits package than a candidate will be able to negotiate  on his or her own.  During tough economic times, employers often take advantage of candidates and will offer less attractive salaries, bonuses, and benefits especially if the candidate has been out of work.  A good recruiting firm will negotiate on your behalf and act as the middle-man, which is difficult for the individual to do because he or she may come across as very aggressive.

Another reason employers go with recruiters is confidentiality – if an employer has an employee they are looking to replace and/or promote they may want to keep it under the radar.  By engaging a recruiter, employers can qualify the best candidates without ever releasing the name of the company, so the company gains control and can decide who they want to interview and disclose the new opportunity to.

It is important to note that fees should always be the obligation of the recruiter's client rather than the candidate and are typically based on a percentage of the candidate's first year income, which will range between 20% and 30% of the first year's salary. For example, if there's a $100k job at 25%, the employer would pay the recruiting firm $25k.

Apparel Search offers a list of fashion recruiters:


24 Seven

The 24 Seven staff brings together years of experience from both the fashion and retail industries, as well as the businesses of staffing and recruiting. Areas of expertise include fashion, beauty, home furnishing, marketing and creative services, retail, and action sports.


EZ Fashion Jobs

With more than twenty years in the fashion industry, EZ Fashion Jobs brings to recruiting a keen understanding of the apparel manufacturing process from inception through delivery. 212.961.9700 ,,

Fashion Search Group

Fashion Search Group is a premier executive search firm specializing specifically in the fashion, apparel, and retail industries. It works within the apparel, accessories, home fashions and furnishings, and retail markets.

SBH Fashion Recruiters

As longstanding fashion recruiters, they will find that needle in the haystack you’re looking for. They do it aggressively but precisely, with the kind of tact that will do you—and your company—proud. PR professionals NEEDED. SBH Fashion is working with some of the top PR agencies in the world. They are looking for all levels.

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JBCStyle is a full-service staffing agency with a focus on the fashion (apparel, footwear, accessories, handbags, beauty, home, and action sports sectors) and the retail industries. JBCStyle also has growing divisions that cater to each of the advertising, marketing, entertainment, hospitality, and creative services industries. Additionally, JBCStyle has a deep and experienced team focused on general administrative


Kirk Palmer & Associates

Kirk Palmer & Associates is a retained executive search firm. Its clients are multi-channel retail companies and the brands and products that sustain them. The firm conducts searches for CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, and other senior executives covering all functions within retail, apparel, fashion, and related wholesale manufacturing industries. 212.983.6477, 


You can find more in the fashion employment agency section.

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Written by Regina Cooper April 2009

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