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Are you eager to hire amazing workers?  Finding hard working, stylish, fashion lovers would be a great idea.

It is time to face the facts.  You are not in business to support dead beat employees.  Do you have workers that have been around for numerous years, but simply no longer pull their weight.  Well, it certainly stinks having to fire someone, but you can not let them get a free ride forever.  Note: the Apparel Search Company strongly believes that you should NOT fire any employees without first giving them plenty of warning. 

If you do not feel that they are pulling their weight, make sure to first let them know.  Give them an opportunity to work harder.  If they do not listen to your warnings, it is then time to say good bye...

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If you need new employees with experience in the fashion industry, try the following sites.

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It is also a great idea to use an apparel industry employment agency that specializes in the apparel industry.

If you want to meet the most clever executives in the apparel industry, you should check out the members of the Fashion Industry Network.  That is a great place to locate people that are serious about their fashion career.

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