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Jong Stit Knitting Co. Ltd. (Thailand):  has been an innovator in textile field and conducted its business with the  purpose of growing into a notable organization. In 2000, they ranked in the fourth under "Textile and Footwear Industries" in Thailand, with an annual revenue of USD 147 millions.  Today, despite the midst of highly fierce and competitive textile markets, Jong Stit is still poised to serve both local and international markets with a pledge of providing great satisfaction to their customers.  Their trend-setting products include Yarns, Polyester fabrics, Pile fabrics (Toys and Garments) and Blankets.  Their Major Export Market : U.S.A., U.K. & European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and South America countries 

Address34 Moo 1, Bangkuntien Rd., Samaedum, Bangkuntien, Bangkok 10150 Thailand  Phone:  66-02-4160112  Fax:  66-02-4167321 Email:  Contact: Ms. Dolaporn Wan

They produce the following items:

  • Yarn - Polyester Spun Yarn, Polyester Textured Yarn, Polyester Twisted Yarn, Acrylic Yarn, Chenille Yarn.
  • Polyester Knitted Fabric - Spandex , Jacquard, High Twisted ,Ottoman, Single Jersey,Double Knit, Interlock ,Rib.
  • Pile Fabric (toy & garment) - Jacquard, Sheep Pile , High Pile Fabric, Boa Fabric.
  • Fleece Fabric - Normal Fleece,  Anti Pilling Fleece , Boucle Fleece, Sherpa Fleece , Terry Fabric.
  • Blanket - Camping, Chenille,Polyester Fleece, Normal Fleece,  Anti Pilling Fleece
Fabric Classification Knit Fiber Classification  
Fabric 1:   DoubleKnit
Fabric 2:   Fleece
Fabric 3:   Jacquard
Fabric 4:   Jersey
Fabric5:   Interlock
Fabric6:   Pile
Fabric7:   Yarn Dyed
Fabric8:    Poplin
Fabric9:    Ottoman
Fabric10:  Vinyl
Fabric11:   Pique
Fabric12:   Tricot
 Man-Made Year Established: 1940

  Local Market 65% of Sales 
  Export Market 35% of Sales 




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