Nam Liong Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Nam Liong Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Knit & Woven fabrics) : they are a  textile manufacturer with ISO 9002 CERTIFICATE and well known in Taiwan.  They manufacture various products for many using in garment industrial particularly in sportswear, casual wear,  outdoor garment, raincoats and any use in garment.

Address:  127 cheng-pei 5th road  yung-kang city, tainan   710  Taiwan  Phone:  886-6-2420633ext140   Fax:    886-6-2540823 Email:  Contact:   Dean Weng

Their product introduction as below;
1. Waterproof & breathable lamination series.
2. Fabrics laminated fabrics.
3. Abrasion resistant fabrics (Kevlar).
4. Fire retardant series( Kevlar/nomex yarn & fabric).
5. Anti-EM wave series.
   (eliminate harmful EM wave up to 99%)
6. Far-infrared ray series.
   (made into lighter & thinner fabrics to keep warm)
7. UV-Cut series. (excellent UV-light protection)
8. Anti-bacteria series. (anti-bacteria and-mildew) 
9. C-Dry funcation.
     (by capillary attraction, the perspiration and water will be
     transpired very quickly, provided with smooth and dry touch)
10. Anti-mosquito series. (the latest product)
11. knitted fabrics in any use.
   P.s. from 6.~11. all made in knitted.
Fabric Classification Knit     Fiber Classification      Blended Fiber
Knit Fabric 1:   Jersey
Knit Fabric 2:   Pique
Knit Fabric 3:   Fleece
Knit Fabric 4:   Breathable
Knit Fabric 5:   Waterproof
Knit Fabric 6:  Jacquard
Fiber 1:  ployester
Fiber 2:  cotton
Fiber 3:   nylon
Fiber 4:   rayon
Fiber 5:   cvc
Fiber 6:  t/c
Fiber 7:  t/r
Fiber 8:   modal rayon
Fabric Classification Woven Fiber Classification Woven:   
Woven Fabric1:     Breathable
Woven Fabric2:     Waterproof
Woven Fabric3:      Flame Retardant
Woven Fabric4:      Reflective
Fiber 1:  polyester
Fiber 2:  nylon
Fiber 3:  cvc
Fiber 4:  rayon
Fiber 5:  pu
Fiber 6:  tpu



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