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  Sudaglass : They own and operate our fiber manufacturing facilities, ensuring customers reliable, consistent supply of fiber products at predictable prices. Woven from yarns made from continuous-filament basalt, these fabrics are manufactured to varying thickness, weight, weave pattern and weaving technique according to end-use requirements. Basalt ‘chopped’ fiber is continuous filament cut to predetermined lengths to suit a particular application. They are usually coated with a sizing/binder to make them compatible with other materials and elements with which it has to coexist the primary end product (concrete mix, for instance).With a thermal range of ­-260 C to +982 C (1800 F) and melt point of 1450 C, Sudaglass fibers are ideal for fire protection and insulative applications. Sudaglass fibers are 100% natural and inert. They have been tested and proven to be non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. Manmade fibers with a diameter of six microns or less are considered an inhalant hazard. Sudaglass fibers and fabrics can take the heat and take a pounding. They're stronger and more stable than alternative mineral and glass fibers, with tenacity that exceeds steel fibers many times over. Address: Sudaglass Fiber Technology, Inc. 14714 Perthshire, Suite A Houston, TX 77079 USA Tel: (001) 281.496.5427
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