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Knitting is an important aspect of textiles and apparel.  If you are interested in learning more about the knitting process and history, you may want to check the knitting history explanation on Apparel Search.
Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association : The Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA) is a national textile trade association established in the year 1975. The primary objective is to encourage, promote and protect the interests of the knitters and related textile manufacturers. MKMA membership is drawn from all sectors of textile and apparel industry covering the spinning, knitting, printing, dyeing & finishing, garment manufacturing and related suppliers including accessories, dyestuffs and machinery operating in 8 states of the country. Membership also extends to associate members internationally.

For information about textile suppliers, you may want to check out the fabrics section on Apparel Search.

Learn about knit manufacturing from the website.

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