fashion directory  Thai Filament Textiles Co. Ltd.: Thai Filament Textiles Co Ltd: Incorporated in 1969 as a Joint Venture between Diwanchand Group of Thailand and Teijin Group of Japan, Thai Filament Textiles manufacturing plant was commissioned in 1971 to produce 100% Polyester Filament Fabrics. The major Shareholder contributed marketing strength and strong presence in the local Thai Market while Teijin Group provided Technical Assistance and Know-How along with its vast unparalleled experience in Textiles in addition to marketing support in Europe, USA & Japan.  Phone: +66-2-622 7411  Fax: + 66-2-622 7412  ContactName: Anand Pandeya  Email:

  • TFT, produces 25million yards per annum of dyed and printed hi-fashion polyester fabric
  • TFT's, 65% of total production is exported to various leading countries, mainly Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

fashion directory  Taiwan Taffeta Fabrics Co., Ltd.:  suiting and jacquard fabric manufacturer.

fashion directory  Tajuddin Silk Mills (Pvt) Limited (Pakistan): They are manufacturers and suppliers of high quality polyester and other fabric made of filament yarn. Address: E/4, SITE, Manghopir Road Karachi Pakistan Phone: 242 3233-5 Fax: 2412446 Email:  Contact: Hanif Habib , Director

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Georgette
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Voil
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Moss
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Crinkle Georgette
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Double Georgette

fashion directory  Tanya Pashmina & Silk Ind. (Nepal): Tanya Pashmina & Silk Industries is a registered organization with the department of small and cottage industries, His Majesty's Government of Nepal. The firm is engaged in production and export of high quality pashmina products. Pashmina the Persian name for the softest, warmest, and most delicate type of wool is popularly known as Cashmere in the west. Actually Cashmere is the modern interpretation of pashmina wool. Pashmina comes from the goat Capre Hircus which thrive best in the heights of 14000 16000 to of Himalayan ranges of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia. Majority of the pashmina shawls are made in the Kathmandu valley the capital city of Nepal. This goat hair is blessed with extreme softness and insulation capacity. It is only 12-14 microns thick and is spun and then blended with the silk to give it a versatile look and strength. Hand woven Pashmina shawls blended with the silk has become the darling of the western fashion for its finest touch and elegance. This elegant blend of goat hair and silk is an unmatched fabric all over the world. Pashmina is a luxurious mix of soft Pashmina wool which is first spun and then hand woven over silk and is transformed into various end uses such as fabrics, shawls, stoles etc. shawls is generally 36 inches wide and 80 inches in length. The smaller one is called stole which is 28 inches to 80 inches. After being taken out of the looms according to the sizes required these fabrics are washed and are finally fringed with twisted silk tassels to make them into shawls, stoles, scarves. The most common blend contains 70% pashmina and 30% silk. There are also 60:40, 80:20 quality and 100% ones. Pashmina is the perfect accessory for any outfit and for any occasion. Pashmina fabrics is also used by many fashion designers to make fashionable urban outfits like scarf's, pajamas, skirts, cushion covers, shoes, handbag, blankets etc. Presently, Tanya Pashmina has employed 8 Jacquard power looms, 18 plain looms, 15 hand looms with a total production capacity has been increasing at a steady rate and the present capacity is estimated to escalate upto 10,000 pieces per month. A close check throughout all the stages of production ensures quality control standards at the highest level. Address: 16, Balaju Industrial District [BID], Kathmandu Nepal Phone: 977-1-251735/259410 or 977-1-266072 Fax: 977-1-259482 Email: Contact: Shiw Kumar Agarwal: Sr.

  • Gender: Men's and Women's
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Shawls
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Stoles
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Mufflers
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Scarves
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Fabrics
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Shoes

fashion directory  Taris (Turkey): Tariis a conglomerate of four Unions established for the production and sales of cotton, Sultana raisins, dried figs, olive oil and their by products. Being the biggest of those four Unions and covering 1/8 of Turkey's total raw cotton production, Tari Union of Agricultural Cooperative Societies for the Sale of Cotton, produces Turkish Aegean Raw Cotton delivered by their member growers for shipment both in domestic and international markets.  Their yarn has the first grade quality in Turkey using Aegean cotton. In the last years "TAR" started to produce grey kn'tted fabric and has been the best in this field in a very short period. The types of their grey knitted fabric which is made of 100 % "TAR "cotton yarn are: supreme, lakos, futter ribana carded or combed with lycra or not in different technical specifications.  Address: 1492 Sk. No:14 Alsancak Izmir TR 35230 Turkey  Phone: 00902324634267/ Ext:125 or  00902324634923/ Ext:125 Email: Contact: Mr.Ufuk CELIK

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: 100% Cotton Yarn
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Cotton Fabric
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Raw Cotton

 Their Cooperatives Union consists of:

  • 64.000 Member Growers
  • 44   Cooperatives
  •  29   Ginning Factories (27 for roller-ginning and 2 for saw-ginning)
  •  1   Cotton Seed Refining Plant
  • 1   Cotton Yarn Spinning Mill

Annually their production capacity is 12-15 thousand tons and they make production as per  ISO 9002 standards.  They export the cotton yarn to EU and especially to USA.

The regular types of their 100 % cotton yarn produced as below:  (They can also make production according to the demands for special types.)


fashion directory  Texollini (USA): is a West Coast pioneer in the knitting of stretch fabric for use in manufacturing sportswear, activewear, performance wear, bodywear, intimate apparel and swimwear.  Expert in the area of stretch fabrics, they specialize in fabrics containing spandex and feature LYCRA spandex.   Their knitting is performed on specialized, highly technical knitting machinery.  The knitting of fabric that contains stretch yarns requires expert technology, special conditions, consistently clean machinery and constant maintenance over and above the standards of the textile industry.

fashion directory  Textil AGB S.A.:  colors and textures inspired by European fashion trends.

fashion directory 
Textiles Unidos S.A. de C.V .: Mexican Company with almost 50 years in the Market, also export to the U.S., Canada and Central and South America.  They are a vertical company having their own spinning, weaving and finishing (dyeing and printing) plants. Their production is of over 2  million meters per month and they also work as well with some companys doing maquilas for them, printing or dyeing their polyester, rayon and cotton fabrics.  One of their main specialties is Polyester Satins.  Address:  Fco. I. Madero No. 32 San Esteban 53560 Mexico  Phone:  (52728) 50899 Fax: (52728) 23143 Email:   Contact:  Alice Steinerova (Import-Export Manager)
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Woven Polyester ^ rayon
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Satins
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Woven mixtures
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Knited Polyester
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Poly/Rayon Yarn dyes
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Cotton/Poly shirting fabric
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Home furnishing fabrics

fashion directory  Texwinca Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong)  Division Names:  Nice Dyeing Factory Limited /  Texwinca Enterprises Limited/  Winca Trading Limited / Dongguan Texwinca Textile & Garment Ltd / Megawell Group /  Baleno Group.   Texwinca is principally engaged in the production and sales of dyed yarns & knitted fabrics. It also has subsidiaries to take part in garment production, apparel retailing, generators & motor sales and servicing. The production processes are fully and vertically integrated with various working functions to offer great flexibility to its customers in choosing from any one or a combination of its services and a variety of raw fabrics and finished knitted fabrics according to customers' requirements. The Company has an immense sales network covering U.S.A., Europe and Asia.   Main office address:  16th Floor, Metroplaza, Tower II, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong  Phone: (852) 2481 8018  Fax: (852) 2410 0312

fashion directory  Thai Filament Textiles Co. Ltd. (Thailand): Incorporated in 1969 as a Joint Venture between Diwanchand Group of Thailand and Teijin Group of Japan, Thai Filament Textiles manufacturing plant was commissioned in 1971 to produce 100% Polyester Filament Fabrics. The major Shareholder contributed marketing strength and strong presence in the local Thai Market while Teijin Group provided Technical Assistance and Know-How along with its vast unparalleled experience in Textiles in addition to marketing support in Europe, USA & Japan.

fashion directory  Thomaston Mills, Inc.: textile products for the apparel, home furnishings, and industrial markets.

fashion directory
Top Value Fabrics Established in 1974, Top Value Fabrics, Inc. is a converter, importer, distributor and wholesaler of Canvas, Nylon, Polyester and Blended fabrics for Industrial, Marine, Recreational and Active/Outerwear applications. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, they specialize in stock programs in addition to finishing fabric to meet customer specifications. Address: 61-12 70th street Middle Village New York, 11379 USA Phone: 718 8941274 Fax: 718 8941275 Email:   Contact: R.Guadalupe - Sales Associate
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: nylon
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: nylon blends
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: polyester
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: cotton
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: prints
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: camouflage
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: various closeouts

fashion directory  Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc.  : TUA is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, a $13 billion multinational company which is the worldwide leader in advanced ultra-microfiber technology and the inventor of the first ultra-microfiber. Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc.  They sell in the Americas as Ultrasuede, in Europe as Alcantara and in Asia as Ecsaine.

  Unique Weaving was established in 1989. Persistent hard work, dedication and will to progress has given it a high reputation in textile sector. Located in S.I.T.E. Karachi. This unit produce several qualities of fabric for local use and export. Production capabilities include 2 million meter/year with a total covered area of the facility being 5000sq. meter. All qualities are produced on Sulzer projectile looms. e-Mail

  Unitex International (USA): UNITEX International is an innovative knitter and converter serving the apparel industry for over 20 years. The vast line of product includes prints, stripes, novelties and hi-end superior blend of yarns. Contemporary line of knits are produced per season and made available for sampling. The product line is supported by strong commitment to quality and customer service at the right price. Address: 4800 District Blvd, Vernon CA 90058 Phone: 323-581-4477 Fax: 323-581-5561 E-mail:

  • Knit Fabric Manufacturer

fashion directory  U S Fabrics (India): their company is a Ludhaina based company, engaged particularly in Knitting and Weaving all kinds of fabrics & cloth. They specialize in Acrylic Cloth and the specific machinery used for the purpose are: Circular Interlock Machines - 14 Gauge and Raschel Machines- 12 & 13 gauge. The Fabric is used in manufacture of high class Ladies' Cardigans and Bawa Suits.  Address: 228-A, Industrial Area-A, Ludhiana  141003 India Phone:  919814183137 or 91161652259 Email:   Contact:  Gagan Mittal, Propreiter

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Acrylic Cloth - made from dyed 1/32 yarn.
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Raschel Cloth- Single bed, made from dyed 2/32 yarn

fashion directory  Valley Forge Fabrics:  manufactures flame resistant fabrics for stage, auditorium, television, studio and movie theaters.

fashion directory  Veltex: is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality fabrics. Veltex has a manufacturing facility in Bangladesh and a sales and marketing office in Los Angeles, California. The company is currently producing 100% cotton twill, duck, and sheeting to fill existing orders and has also started to produce caps, twill shirts, and T-shirts to meet the demands of additional buyers in the U.S. With the ability to produce quality merchandise at labor costs one-twentieth (1/20) of those in the U.S., Veltex is able to compete on a global basis with some of the highest margins in the industry, and is slowly gaining market share in the trucking and distributing business.  The Veltex U.S. operation is a distributor of high quality fabrics for apparel industries and an importer of caps, T-shirts, twill shirts, shorts, and other ready-made garment products for Promotional Product Industries. Veltex also owns 4 trucks (18 wheelers), carrying Veltex goods as well as providing trucking services to one of the largest trucking companies in the United States.

fashion directory  Vinkay Textiles (P) LTD.,:  started in 1995, manufacturing all types of knitted cloth. (ex. plyester/ cotton/ viscose, to serve rexine industry and manufactuer all tpes of flocked fabric.  Address: E-32,Friends Industrial Complex, Sector-24, Faridabad, India Phone: 0129-5233200, 5232920, 5236451  Fax: 0129-5230137 Email: Contact: Vinod Bansal, Directory

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Knitted cloth for rexine industry.
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Flocked fabric

fashion directory  VisaEndurance (division of Milliken & Company) VisaEndurance is available to apparel and other product manufacturers through two offerings: VisaEndurance Ion, a silver ion-based antimicrobial fabric technology that is ideal for base layer garments and products that come in contact with human perspiration; and VisaEndurance Shield, an odor adsorption technology that is ideal for woven mid-layer and outer layer garments. The technologies are available in comfortable and durable fabrics, in numerous constructions and weights. They are used in a wide range of base layer and outer layer garments including technical long-and-short sleeved t-shirts, mock turtlenecks, men's briefs and boxers, gloves, skull caps and balaclavas, as well as camouflage items such as performance t-shirts and long underwear in popular patterns. VisaEndurance. The moisture-wicking, quick-drying, stain-releasing fabric that also fights odors. It's high-exertion gear extraordinaire. This smart fabric is produced by Milliken & Company. Founded in 1865, Milliken & Company is a privately held textile and chemical company that employs approximately 11,000 associates worldwide. Milliken operates nearly 50 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and 8 other countries. Having over 2000 patents issued or applied for, the company produces over 19,000 high performance products.

  • Odor Adsorbing Fabric

fashion directory  Weavexx: North American supplier of quality papermaking clothing products. A11 13 plants ISO 9000 certified. Forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics, and wet-end equipment.

fashion directory  Wendell Textiles, Inc.: manufacturer/supplier of fusible and sew-in woven and non-woven interfacings. for the apparel, automotive, furniture and embroidery industries.

fashion directory  Wescotex / The West Coast Weaving Establishment: (India) They have pleasure in introducing themselves to you as MANUFACTURER & EXPORTER of 100%cotton products hand loom & power looms in al categories since 1916.  Their goods are exclusively exported to various countries and their exports are now spread over to more than 15 overseas markets.  Their products are mainly all types of Fabrics in running length suitable for shirting materials, Dress materials, Furnishing fabrics, Printed materials, Crepe & Made Up items viz., Table covers, Table mats, Cushion covers, Bed sheets, Pillow covers, Quilts, Pot holders, Hand gloves, Cotton bags, Cafe curtains, Dish towels, Honey-comb towels, Terry towels, Bath mats etc.  Besides their own designs they shall also counter any new sample designs as per the ideas of the buyer.  E-Mail:   Phone: 0091 497 726322  Fax: 009-497-726168

fashion directory  The West Coast Weaving Establishment (Also, know as Wescotex)

fashion directory  Westex: At Westex they understand how complex it is to engineer a fabric that can support a true guarantee of flame resistance for the life of the garment. With tens of millions of yards shipped over 20 years, UltraSoft® and Indura® brand fabrics have delivered on this guarantee under the harshest test conditions and, more importantly, in the field. When you combine this high level of protection with their proprietary fabric softening process and double-shrunk technology, it's easy to understand why thousands of end users globally have specified Westex fabrics.  Address: 2845 W. 48th Place Chicago, IL 60632 Phone: (866) 493-7839 Fax: 773-523-0965 Email: 

fashion directory  Western Textile and Manufacturing Company:   produces custom-made totes, aprons, bags, packaging, and other textile products.

fashion directory 
Wintex Trading (HK) Limited: They are a China Fabric Manufacturer and Exporter.  Their mills are located in China and core fabrications running are made of Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Ramie, Spandex,etc with different composition, specification, coating and finish.  They are currently exporting to Europe, Asia, Middle East as well as the United States. Besides, they also export Garment made in China to Europe.  If you are interested in Garment, kindly send them your Europe size, Design and Fabric.  They have more that 9 years experiences in the current business with an annual sales turnover over US15 million a year. They can provide prompt reply and shipping services, offer reliable quality fabric at a favorable price.  Hong Kong Office Address:  Rm 1103 Hanson House, 794-802 Nathan Road Prince Edward Kowloon Hong Kong  Phone:  (852) 23081786  Fax:   (852) 23081602  Email:   Contact: Mr. Winky Cheung / Ms. Susan Lee
  • Manufacturer Item # 1:   Cotton
  • Manufacturer Item # 2:  Polyester
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Nylon
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Ramie
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Spandex

fashion directory  Wire & Rapos Threads U.S.A., Inc.: rayon, polyester

fashion directory  W.L. Gore & Associates:  makers of Gore-Tex. Also manufacture medical, fabric, electronic and industrial products.

fashion directory  Wujiang Jujie Microfibers Apparel Fabrics Co.,Ltd (China)  is located in Bache, Wujiang City Jiangsu province, China. The company is specialized in manufacturing micro-fibers fabrics, which is one of the biggest and best micro-fibers manufacturers in China. The company is a private enterprise and her products are mainly suede-imitation, moss peach-skin, cleaning cloth and so on.

fashion directory  Wuxi Xiexin Wool Spinning Weaving & Dyeing Co., Ltd

fashion directory  Yortex International: Manufacture and Export a wide range of Textile products from Pakistan to all over the World.  Each and every product exported by them is made under very strict quality standards and checked at multiple levels to provide high quality products to their clients.  Their manufacturing concerns include Two Weaving units in Pakistan with 180 Shuttles Looms and 100 Auto Looms plus Two stitching units. Their exports consist of Grey Fabric, Bleached/Dyed/Printed Fabric, Bed Linen, Comforter sets, Bed in a bag, Made-ups, Garments, Terry Towels and knits.  Besides the above any other Fabrics, Bed-sets,  Garment sizes or types can also be made as per client requirements.   They also render our services as Buying Agent to our customer on request,  Address: Rafiq Manzil Ws. 3 Block 7/8 C-C Area, Shaheed -E- Millat Road, Karachi, Pakistan 75350 Phone:9221-4521806Fax:  9221 452 4183  Email: Contact: Lateef G. Nabi

  • Manufacturer Item # 1:   40X40/120X80 W.
  • Manufacturer Item # 2:  30X30/76X68
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: 35X35/76X56
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: 20X10/40X42
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: 22X10/40X36
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: 20X20/108X58
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: 20X16/128X60

fashion directory  YSR sprl Import- Export / Tarcha-Tex Manufacturing (Belguim): producer of the following products: Fabrics for curtains Jacquard upholstery Voile Satin Roller blinds - sun protection, anti-fire fabrics and non-anti-fire fabrics, Waterproof fabrics, Bed Linen, Mixed Fabrics  Address: 30, rue de la Clinique 1070- Bruxelles (Belgique) Fax: +32 (02) 523 22 17 GSM+32 (0475)224674

fashion directory  Yuanbo textile as a professional manufacturer / exporter of Synthetic woven fabric for sportswear in Taiwan from 1995. Their factory is located in Yun-Lin, Taiwan wit 4000 square meters. To fuffill the diversified requirement, they constantly produce and develop the high performance fabric.   Their products covering a wide variety and apply for sportswear and apparel. Consisting of Full dull fabric , Micro/Printed fabric, Dobby /Twill  / Ribstop / Stripe fabric, Tactel, Taslon, Taffeta , N/T fabric, Spun/ Filament/ Spandex fabric with special finish-clear coating, milky ocating, anti-U.V. , Anti-U.V., Anti-Static and waterproof/breathable coating.

fashion directory  Zhejiang Haining Silk Group Co., Ltd.: silkworm cocoon, raw silk, mulberry silk, garments, computerized embroideries, plush and melamine products.

fashion directory  Zhejiang Jason Trade Development Co.: textiles, garments, cotton knitwear's, and light industrial products.

fashion directory  Zhejiang Kylin Textile Co., Ltd (China) is one of China's leading professional manufactures and traders of textiles. Zhejiang Kylin started textile business in 1982, and ever since they have been adhering to the principle of "Integrity, Foresight, Solution, and Efficiency", and keeping balanced development on scale and profitability. For the past decades, they have enjoyed sustained growth in import & export business. Thanks to their good reputation, excellent services and reliable quality, their clients are spread throughout the world. Kylin Textile with growing business volume, They manufacture products main including Printing Fabrics, Chemical Plain Dyed Fabric, Cotton Linen and Wool, Special Collection For Suiting and Pants and some Knitting. In recognition of their profitability and social contribution, the Bank of China has granted us AAA credit rating for many years in a stretch. Through 20 years, steady growth, they now have several overseas firms, 16 subsidiaries, 5 wholly-owned factories and 2 large warehouses, plus sourcing bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and a dozen other provinces/cities around China. They have also forged close alliance with some 200 manufacturers, serving as their bridge to world markets. Contact: William Chen e-mail:  or

fashion directory  Zhejiang Linglong Textile Co. Ltd.:  they are a woolen mill established in 1984, making many functions such as carding, weaving, dyeing and clothes making in one, manufacturing all kinds of high quality woolen fabrics made of Cashmere, ALPACA, Angora, Mohair, Silk-Angora-Wool, Camel's Hair and Yak, etc, as well as sweater and knitting yarn made of them.  They produce two million meters of fabrics and spend  USD370,000 in R and D annually.  They possesses the most advanced looming and dyeing equipment in 1990s, such as Italian FAST2.2 Rapier Looms, Germany twin-drum raising machine P.T.TRI24/2, Polishing shearing machine PPC-2,KM16-1 Oven-dry machine and decator.  Address:  Rm.2503B,Jinmao Tower,No.88,Century Boulevard, Shanghai 200121 P.R.China  Phone: 0086-21-50470505  Fax: 0086-21-50471619 Email: Contact: Gabriel Xiang Hualiang

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Cashmere
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Alpaca
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Angora
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Mohair
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Silk-Angora-Wool
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Camel's Hair
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: Yak

fashion directory  Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd.: export of knitwear, shuttlewear and home textiles of cotton, wool and jute shell fabrics.

fashion directory  Zhejiang Shaoxing Ancheng Knitting Mill: produces various kinds of knitwear's and grey cloth.

fashion directory  Zhongqi Textile Group Co.(China): their firm set up half a century ago is a leading textile manufacturer in Changzhou.  Annual turnover is over $50 million, of which about 30% export abroad.  They produce Knitting wear and worsted fabrics with ISO9002 quality approval.  Serious buyer please feel free to contact them. .On receipt of your inquiry ,they will soon send you the specification or sample. Address:  2#,qingguoxiang Changzhou  213003 China Phone:   86-519-6601868 or  86-519-8110083 Fax:  86--519-8110083 Email:  Contact: Jianping Wang, Sales Department manager

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: T-shirt
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: singlet
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: worsted fabrics
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: cotton fabrics
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: T/C fabrics
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: corduroy

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