Design Suites at HD Buttercup                                                   Fashion Week LA March 2006

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After jumping the SMASHBOX minibus with a fellow writer from THE APPAREL NEWS, I shuttled to MB's Design Suites at HD BUTTERCUP's Culver City coop.  A quick look thru temporary booth spaces lined along the rear loading dock revealed a handful of noteworthy emerging brands:

Among them PLANK DESIGNS (sporting a nifty logo and presentation materials) launching yoga accessories and a no-fuss facial cleansing product called COR.  These San Francisco partners conducted expert advance marketing and had already built name recognition amongst editors by the time we walked the aisles.  Good job ladies.

Chalk one up to the Duh! Factor.  Newcomer Suzy Q, founder of UNDERTEASE, was on hand dispensing long-torso tees to Fashion Week's cleavage-baring, butt-crack violators.  After all, there is a time and place for curvacious crevaces
. Such logic.  With size standards like Sensuous, Voluptuous and Goddess, who wouldn't want to toss their dreadful wife-beaters and cover her assets in style?  And with such cute brown-n-pink marketing collateral, I'm all over it!

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Review by Debra Stevenson

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