Petro Zilla                                                Fashion Week LA March 2004

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In the Main Tent, Petro Zillia drew the usual fanbase of loyal celebrity followers:  a demurely dressed Paula Abdul, Nikki Hilton, Lisa Loeb, Marissa and others.  Designer Nony Trochterman offered a highly-charged fall collection of eclectic apparel inspired by dandies, flappers, zoot-suit gangers and other iconic imagery. 

In her expert hands these elements were threaded together beautifully and accented by well-chosen accessories. 

There were western pockets, dandy hats and wide lapels, mysterious cloches, platform maryjanes with exadurated bumped toes and tweed pocketbooks with jeweled flowers.

Suits ruled at this show:

Bold checks with contrast piping and outrageous pant cuffs, Liberty prints playing against the grain of pinstripes, and enough card-playing dandies to fill a smokey underground lounge.  The palette was pure whimsy
eccentric citrone with cornflower and sweet mixes of olive and pink. Tochterman saved her newly launched red carpet collection for the finale, sending out corseted ribbon confections which played on her strength in fusing knitwear with wovens. Paula Abdul was obviously smitten, declaring
this is awesome!
from the front row.

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