Marc Jacobs Store Opening    LA Fashion Week March 2005

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Melrose Place, Los Angeles

When all of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week goes dark on a Thursday night for an offsite party, that's some serious fashion clout baby And who but Marc Jacobs and his illustrious LVMH emporium has the temerity to pull that off.  Fortunately, scene-starved Los Angelinos are all too happy to oblige, especially when the party dominates an entire street, the black tee shirt-clad valets occupy a full block and the guest list is mind-numbingly difficult to crack.  Instant success! 

This humble editor, drawn like a moth to any sweeping uplit glare, snuck onto the yards of green Astroturf blanketing Melrose Place and found wonder behind the flower-encrusted arches.  A world of glittering fairies, dancers with body paint, diaphanous wings and babbling brooks of champagne.  Bashful Marc himself was there to greet early revellors, all clairvoyantly dressed in acid-prep, colorful vintage, crinoline and Chanel spats.  All of Silver Lake was here in this delightful cartoon world, it seemed, aided by the slick brush of an artful stylist, while celebs took to the press lines outside and retail royalty waited hopefully along the curb.  This was a true fairytale of class distinction run slyly amuck, as only could be masterminded by the Emperor of the high-low Kingdom.

Debra Stevenson, West Coast Bureau Chief, Apparel Search

Review by Apparel Search

Design Studio

Review written by Debra Stevenson & Photographs by Carlos Alberto


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