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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler wore several of his necklaces for a new Target TV commercial. Supermodel Tracy Bingham, giving modern meaning to the word breastplate, wore one of his ornate, hand fabricated sterling silver and gold metal bikini tops during a party at his showroom.  One thing's for sure: the eponymous founder of Geoff Thomas Designs is attracting both the attention of stars and fashionistas in the U.S. and Europe with his strikingly original jewelry, custom works that attest to Thomas' skills as an accomplished sculptor, painter and former tattoo artist in the Hawaiian islands.

Inspired by diverse sources from ancient mythology to Eastern culture, Roman icons to sculptors such as Michelangelo and Rodin Thomas is himself a Renaissance man who embraces myriad forms of expression.  His bold jewelry designs, which he personally conceives and handcrafts, owe their unique style to his being largely self-taught.  Thomas began designing pieces initially for himself, working in copper and sterling silver with semi-precious cabochon (unfaceted) stones, broadening his oeuvre into gold and precious gems.  While some clients have requested specific gems for their metaphysical properties, many simply want a beautiful piece of custom jewelry, for special occasions such as a wedding or for anytime.  What unites all of them is his philosophy.  prefer to give each client a one-of-a-kind piece, one that they can take pride in owning, knowing it's the only one out there, he says.

Born in Santa Ana, then raised in Placerville, California, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, it was a young Geoff Thomas who felt the genetic pull of his parents: his mother a gifted oil painter, his late father an all-around artist and talented musician.  Ironically, as a child Thomas rebelled against the whole art culture scene and went to college in San Luis Obispo to become a stock broker.  After a professor got him excited about being an entrepreneur, Thomas decided he wanted to start a clothing venture, and in 1992 launched Internal Power, a surf/skate apparel company.

Thomas artistic legacy eventually caught up with him.  While dabbling in black & white photography and computer design for fun, he was encouraged by his company's lead designer to embrace painting and sculpture, finally buying Thomas a canvas and paints, and subsequently his first block of stone.  By 1994 he and his friends had moved south to San Diego, with Thomas now acknowledging that art was his true passion, especially the three-dimensional possibilities of sculpture.  Moving together into a showroom gallery and living space in downtown San Diego, Thomas put his clothing company on the back burner and embarked on a full-time career as a professional artist.

While studying business management at San Diego State University, Thomas began to create a sizable portfolio of works, mounting personal shows and contributing to myriad group exhibits at such venues as Lyceum Theatre Gallery as well as the I.P. Gallery, which Thomas and his colleagues opened in 1997.  He began to earn a reputation in the realms of painting, computer-enhanced photography and sculpture, distinguishing his work by imbuing the human form with movement and fluidity and by bringing bold color and dynamism to abstract forms.  Thomas first tried his hand at making jewelry in 1998; when he earned compliments for a copper bracelet he had made for himself, he bought a silver jewelry kit and taught himself the finer points of creating fine jewelry.

Being self-taught has enabled me to develop a unique style, which is very rewarding because it's all my own, explains Thomas who, in May 2005, opened a new personal showroom on 2913 Main Street in Santa Monica.  Creating is something I have to do, and sharing my art with those who appreciate it is the most exciting thing I can imagine.  It's clear that Thomas will continue to share it with an ever-widening audience. 

Visit him on the web at

Matt Meyerson Sr. V.P., Product Placement
9100 Wilshire Blvd. Sixth Floor, West Tower
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 550-7776 p
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