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As of February 2014, the Apparel Search Company has decided to remove the pages that contained a list of our "future projects".  Although we have a few very special improvements in the works, we will no longer be listing the concepts prior to the project's completion.

If you happen to be an extremely curious person and simply cannot wait to learn about our "spectacular plans for the future", you are welcome to reach out to us on our social networks or by email.  We would be happy to communicate with you regarding the status of any of our open projects.

This area of our website previously contained numerous fashion relevant website addresses that we had planned to cultivate into active sites.  As we often do, we actually changed our minds in regard to developing many of those planned websites.  We have determined that it would be prudent for us to concentrate our efforts and resources to improve our existing web properties rather than develop new resources.  Therefore, the fashion industry websites that we previously had in the pipeline are now officially on hold.

What does the future of fashion have in store for us?  Only time will tell.

Are you curious in regard to the website addresses that Apparel Search owns?  We may actually have a few for sale.  If you are actually looking for an apparel industry domain name, you are welcome to contact us to review availability.

Learn more about our fashion websites in our about us section.

We will build new fashion & clothing industry web sites when adequate time permits. 

Can you see into the future of fashion?

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.