Lounge Pants

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Lounge pants are most commonly made of soft comfortable fabrics.  They are made in knit or woven fabric construction.  Knit fabric typically offers more stretch which helps with the comfort. They come in a variety of textile fiber options such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester, etc.

This type of pant falls into the loungewear category of apparel.  Loungewear is clothing that is suitable for relaxing.  It gets its name from "lounging".  To lounge is to lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way.  The term is associate with lounging about in comfort.

Loungewear was originally intended to be worn indoors for lounging around the home.  However, people do wear lounge pants out of the home.

Women's Lounge Pants

Men's Lounge Pants

Pants are a type of clothing that is worn to cover the lower portion of the body.  Long pants are typically designed to be worn from the waist to the ankles (but can come in various lengths).  Pants cover both legs separately as opposed to a dress or skirt.

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