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fashion directory  Lidem S.L. (Fahmar Inc is the official representation and distribution office for LIDEM textile manufacturing company) . has presented its wide range of machinery for the spinning process, cutting and confection of textile and recycling of textile, fiber, paper to the NAFTA market.   Textile and fiber Recycling Equipment:  They are offering a full line of a recycling process, which is divided in four stages: preparation and feeding, storage and blending, fiber opening and pressing.   Applications: For fabrics, recyclable materials and plastics, preparation for wadding processes, fabric recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, crushing of foam rubber, latex, cotton, jute, nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, linen, esparto, sisal, plastics, fiberglass, kevlar and similar and all kind of synthetic and natural fibers. Address: Lidem Constructions Mecanicas S.L. Avda. del Textil,51B -- 46870 ONTINYENT (valencia) Spain. Tel:+34 96 2917022  (More Information)

fashion directory  Mini-Mills Ltd.. in association with International Spinners Ltd.(their sister company), designs and manufactures fiber processing machines. Mini-Mills Ltd further specializes in developing mills for exotic fibers Alpaca, Llama, Mohair and Qiviut. The company is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada and is becoming recognized worldwide for the advanced technology incorporated in their specialized machinery.

National Drying : The National Drying Machinery Company has a solid history in the fiber (synthetic, artificial and natural) and nonwoven industries. With over 120 installations worldwide, National Drying is truly a leader in providing high quality, durable and efficient equipment that has become the standard in these industries.  National Drying's continuous conveyor dryers, or "ovens," are widely used by processors to condition, relax, heat-set and drive off moisture and solvents in a variety of fibers. National Drying also manufactures thru-air drum dryers, roll dryers, festoon dryers, specialty dryers, feeding equipment and thermal processing equipment of all types.

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