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fashion directory  Chicago Dryer Company Flatwork Finishing System: Chicago is a specialist in flatwork finishing system, commercial laundry equipment, and textile finishing systems.

fashion directory  Chien Lun Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan): textile finishing, shearing, sueding, pile cutting, and raising machine manufacturer.

fashion directory  Cleaners' Finishing Equipment - Sankosha: Manufacturer of cleaners' finishing equipment

fashion directory  Fab-Con Machinery Development Corporation was established in 1965. In over the thirty years that have followed its creation, Fab-Con has grown into one of the most respected and innovative equipment manufacturers for the Knit Goods Industry, with a major share of the North American Market. The initial philosophy was to build durable, highly productive tubular and open-width finishing equipment that would address the industry's growing need for the higher quality at low operating cost. This vision has allowed Fab-Con to grow and vastly broaden its product range, even through times of economic recession, to become a major global force in the knit industry. Fab-Con has installed over 1,500 pieces of equipment in twenty countries.

fashion directory  G.A. Braun: (USA)  industrial equipment for the laundry and textile markets.  Braun textile equipment is used in the dyeing of natural and synthetic fibers, while Braun denim finishing equipment is used in the stone wash and chemical finishing process.

  Fahmar Inc. (they are distributor for Lidem S.L.) . has presented its wide range of machinery for the spinning process, cutting and confection of textile and recycling of textile, fiber, paper to the NAFTA market.   Textile and fiber Recycling Equipment:  They are offering a full line of a recycling process, which is divided in four stages: preparation and feeding, storage and blending, fiber opening and pressing.   Applications: For fabrics, recyclable materials and plastics, preparation for wadding processes, fabric recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, crushing of foam rubber, latex, cotton, jute, nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, linen, esparto, sisal, plastics, fiberglass, kevlar and similar and all kind of synthetic and natural fibers.  (More Information)

fashion directory  Nedco :(USA) automatic folding equipment.   At National Equipment Development Company (NEDCO) their goal is to be the best and most innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of finishing and packaging equipment for the textile and apparel trades.

fashion directory  Fong's National Engineering: (Hong Kong)  Fong's National Engineering Company Limited, a leading global manufacturer specializing in fabrication and sales of dyeing and finishing machinery, was established in 1963. It is a principal subsidiary of Fong's Industries Company Limited, a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

fashion directory  H. Krantz Textiltechnik (Germany): machinery for the finishing of woven and knitted fabrics. A leading supplier of high-quality textile machineryThe Krantz textile machinery program includes:

textile machinery  Pozzi Leopoldo Spa. (Italy): Dyeing & Finishing , synchrowash, steaming, conditioning equipment.

fashion directory  Reed-Chatwood, Inc.: (USA) manufacturer of textile machinery.  Sizing, warping, finishing.  Division of West Point Foundry & Machine Co 

fashion directory  Ssangho Machinery Co., Ltd. (Korea): produces finishing machinery for tubular knitted fabrics.  Since 1963, Ssangho has produced the textile finishing machinery for its dyeing and finishing systems of all types, especially for finishing knitted fabrics.  Knitting machines, dyeing machines and finishing machines.

fashion directory  TVE-Escale Industries (USA / Spain): manufactures machines for preparing, dying and finishing fabrics.   TVE- ESCALE INDUSTRIES is the result of the merger of the companies TEXTILE VACUUM EXTRACTOR, CO. (TVE), from Georgia (USA) and SISTEMES INDUSTRIALS ESCALE, S.A. (ESCALE), from Barcelona (Spain).  At present TVE-ESCALE INDUSTRIES counts on with two manufacturing plants from which it is supplied the world market. The American headquarters is located in Flowery Branch (Georgia), USA, whilst the European headquarters is found in VIC (Barcelona) Spain.

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