fabric Finishers: flame retardant, stain protection etc.
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The textile industry is in need of good fabric finishers.
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fashion directory  Acafintex (Mexico) : based in Mexico, they provide a finishing process and dyeing process to textiles.  They can process articles from 1.00 meter to 3.40 width applying different finishes and conditions. They have top of the line finishing technology, accomplishing the use of special products like:  Repellent Finishes: Water, Oil, Dust, Dirt, Scotch Garde, Non-ignition products. Wrinkle-free products, Permanent Pressing, Wash & Wear, Anti bacterial products.   They have top of the line technology for the dying of fabrics as well as the versatility to accomplish the best penetration during the process. There are several needs for the dying of fabrics, therefore, our gamma covers a 100% of the demands. Depending of the requirements of the article, we can dye with the following colorants: Scattered Dyes, fiber, Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Naftoles Dyes, Sulfurous Dyes, and Acids Dyes. As a company that does commission dyeing, they are updated with top of the line technology in our machinery as well as versatility to cover world wide markets. They can dye: Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Rayon, Acrylic, Nylon, Lycra, Tinsel, Acetate, Wool, and its blends.

fashion directory  Amerbelle (USA):  While demonstrating expertise in the traditional approaches to dyeing, coating and finishing processes, Amerbelle also employs the latest technology to remain a leader in the development of new dyeing, finishing, and coating techniques . Equipment is updated and new processes are employed to meet our customers' customized requirements. The installation of jet dying machinery, computerized process controls and the implementation of environmental improvements, have expanded our product capability, increased product quality, and have had a positive impact on the environment.

fashion directory  Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. (USA)  is a world class textile finisher headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They are a leader in coating, dyeing, and finishing of both woven and non-woven fabrics. For over 100 years, Aurora has been an innovative worldwide provider of textile solutions for a wide range of end uses and markets. Specializing in coating and dyeing fabrics for print media, pressure sensitive tapes, home furnishings, medical and industrial applications, Aurora can develop a finished fabric to meet your specific needs.

fashion directory  Bradford Dyeing Association, Inc. is a privately held Textile Finishing Plant Established in 1911 as a commissioned dyer and printer and is housed in over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Bradford's primary production commitment is to the Military / Gov. Spec. sectors where they are proud to say they are currently one of the largest producer of BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) fabrics to the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the sole source for the JS List Chem Suit Outer Shell fabric. In addition to producing military fabrics, they also have a Research & Development department and they were there to assist the U.S. Department of Defense with the new Marine Marpat pattern and the new Marine Top weight fabric as well as the Easy Care Finish. They also assisted in the development of the New Air Force AEF Stripe pattern as well as the fabrics they will use and they are actively assisting in the development of the new U.S. Army a new pattern as well as fabrics and finishes for them. In Addition to the Military Markets they specialize in the Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Hunting patterns and provide the Hospital Industry with a Barrier fabric Their main focus is in the Printing segment of the market where they print with Vat, Acid, Disperse and Pigment dyestuffs. They have a dyeing dept that handles Vats, Acids and Reactive Dyestuffs in both Jig and Continuous Dye Ranges. They also have a state of the Art Coating Dept. that deals in Water Based Coatings for the Military and Commercial Markets.

fashion directory  Carolina Cotton Works, Inc. opened for business in March 1995. They started out in the new building with all new equipment offering garment dyeing and continuous bleach and scour. Their business grew quite well and allowed them to diversify in 1996 by entering the piece dye business. Fortunately, through hard work and dedication, their success has allowed them to add capacity every year since. In finishing, they have added two Santex shrinking calendars which offer outstanding width control and precision folding. All of their growth is a direct result of providing high quality goods and services to their  loyal customers, to whom they are very grateful. They are optimistic about the future, and are excited about the opportunities ahead domestically as well as through the Caribbean Basin initiative. They are here to add value to their customers' business and promote their successes as well.

fashion directory  Excello: fabric finishers from the USA.  They are a leading coater in the United States of flame, water, and mildew resistant coatings for both military and commercial use, including tents, seat covers, truck tarps, ground covers, water bags, and a variety of other uses. Their coatings are known as a high quality and competitively priced option for boat covers, awnings, tent and tarpaulin treatments. In addition to traditional coatings, they offer a variety of water-based latex coatings that can be applied to polyester and nylon when a lightweight high tensile strength product is required.

fashion directory  Schneider-Banks Inc.:  one of America's most trusted fabric finishers specializing in flame retardant, stain protection and many other finishes.  Address:  1108 Commercial St. Athens, Texas 75751 USA  Phone:  903-675-1440  Fax:  903-675-5331 Email: info@sbifinishing.com Contact:  Eric Kunz