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fashion directory  Beatrice Textiles: For over a half a decade, Beatrice Textile has been serving the (wholesale) apparel industry with a wide variety of woven fabrics.

fashion directory  B&R Textiles: Since 1954, B & R Textile has been a major purchaser of woven greige goods from domestic textile mills in the United States. They stock a wide selection of fabrics, all types of blends and weaves, which can be converted to meet a manufacturers' requirements, at a reasonable price, with on time delivery.

fashion directory  Jab Textiles inc: They are converters and jobbers of knitted fabric to the apparel industry.
They carry large inventory on the floor (jersey, fleece, interlock, novelty knits, all type of rib.)
Fort Lauderdale,  FL   Phone: 954 739 0064    Fax: 954 739 5543  Email: sales@jabtextile.com 

fashion directory  Menar Marketing International: They are jobbers and converters of knits. Intelocks, Jersey, Poly lycras, cotton lycras, etc. They provide service to apparel manufacturers and distributors. They also export to Latin America and represent some textile companies in the Latin America area.  Address: 7390 SW 107th Miami, FL 33173  Phone # (305) 250 9652 or (305) 785-6500 Fax # (305) 596-7628  E-mail: menarmkt@aol.com

fashion directory  Southern Converters  they manufacture a broad variety of textile products for use in commercial laundry, manufacturing, filtration, and other industrial applications.   From their early roots as a division of Southern Mills, the employees of Southern Converters have delivered exceptional products to the laundry and dry cleaning industry as a manufacturer of press pads and covers.  They were among the first to introduce nylon, polyester, and aramid fibers to the industry.  Today, their modern manufacturing facility in the Southern United States now serves hundreds of customers in over 30 countries worldwide.  Address: 309 Dividend Drive Peachtree City, Georgia. 30269 866-841-5618 ph. 866-841-5627 fx. e-mail: tsmith@southernconverters.com