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Today there is a wide selection of cellulases available for the stonewashing of garments. These cellulases include acids, neutrals, modified acids, and hybrids. Modified acids and hybrids tend to combine characteristics of acids and neutrals.  Stonewashing creates a faded and artificially worn appearance that is desirable to consumers.


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Stone Wash (Usually used on Denims) gives garments a worn look especially on seams.

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For over thirty years, manufacturers of jeans and denim fabrics have used enzymes, stones, and pumice to create a "stonewashed" look. Essentially the goal has been to "age" the fabric so that it looks worn and feels much softer.

For many years the process involved washing-out the sizing, and then washing the denim in large commercial/industrial machines with either enzymes or stones, or both. The result was a finish which through abrasion and chemistry made a new product look old, worn, and comfortable.

Unfortunately with traditional "stonewashing", large, expensive laundry machines are abused by the same process which works on fabric, and basic denim can be abraded too much.

During the last ten years, alternatives to real stones (volcanic pumice) have been tested by all the major jean manufacturers. The goal has been to reduce the amount of maintenance required when using stones, and to achieve a softer finish. After years of testing, many are using various grades of perlite.

Perlite has been found to perform many of the same properties as stones. It produces a much softer, pliable finish, and it reduces substantially the wear on the machines. Perlite also gives a worn, finished look throughout the fabric and not just on the upper surfaces. In some cases it also has allowed a reduction in the use of enzymes which chemically attact the fibers and ultimately result in fabrics that wear-out very quickly.

Currently many grades of perlite are being used ranging in size from the largest horticultural grade to the finest grades (see either Finishing with Perlite) or Standard Gradations of Horticultural Perlite----Fine, Medium, and Coarse). Some manufacturers also use a very, very fine filtration grade similar in size and appearance to DE (ground, and milled diatomaceous earth).

The exact gradations of perlite used and the special enzymes chosen are considered proprietary process information by all the large finishing companies. And yet more and more stonewashing is being done every day with basic perlite both in this country and many others.

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Stonewashing Contractor Directory

  Bennett Dye Co (USA): Bennett Dye Co. has been an established Dye House for over 75 years, but has specialized in garment finishing since 1983. They offer many garment enhancements, including direct, reactive and pigment dyeing. In addition they do enzyme wash, garment wash, stone and acid wash (denim or cotton garments) as well as tie-dyeing. For further information, please contact them.  Address: 2552 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19133 Phone: 215-739-0432 Fax: 215-426-3120 E-Mail:  Contact: Lee Sunderland Bennett Dye Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.)

  Grant Industries: Grant Industries has been involved in the textile industry for over sixty years. Grant offers a complete line of textile specialty products, which include the following:

Preparation Chemicals desizing auxiliaries, bleaching, scouring, and wetting agents, and detergents
Dyeing Auxiliaries dyeing assistants, leveling agents, wetting agents, dispersing agents, fixes, and lubricants for all natural and synthetic fibers
Finishing Chemicals hand modifiers, permanent press resins, alkyd resins, lubricants, water repellents, and softeners
Stonewashing acid and neutral cellulase enzymes, desizing, scouring agents, detergents, and softeners
Coatings formulad coatings for textiles used in apparel, luggage, ribbons and specialty markets

  Hytex: The latest addition to their production process is Laundering or wet processing - they offer specialized services to fit the needs of the apparel industry. They provide full service garment dyeing facility with on-site testing, a full color lab, product development, and quality control throughout the finishing of each garment.   Denim Wet Processing, we offer all types of wash, including prewash, stonewash, bleached wash, enzyme washes, antique, sandblasting finishes and more.  Hytex started operating in 1981 as a company that does contract silkscreen printing in a rented shop-house. Hytex's business was then confined to manual silkscreen printing using long wooden tables.

  Laundry Specialties: Laundry Specialties is a commercial laundry which specializes in processing garments for the apparel industry. Some of the services they provide are: Garment Washing, Enzyme Washing, Stone Washing, Bleaching (Denims Etc.), Fix Wash (Crocking Etc.) and Silicone Wash.  They also provide rework services & packaging. Contact Richard or Chuck Address: 431 N. Jordan Street Allentown, PA 18102 Phone: 610-351-3860 Fax: 610-770-1785 

  Luen Yat Garment Factory (China & Macau) Luen Yat Garment Factory was established in 1986 by their Director, Mr. Tony C.M. Chan. During these 20 years, their factory has been growing tremendously from a small enterprise into a widely-known and well-established garment factory in Asia. Their Company is originally based in Macau with production factory and head office. The 46,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned premise accommodates of around 350 employees divided into merchandising, shipping and administration, paper patterning, cutting, sewing, sample-making, washing and packing division. In order to cope with their rapid business growth, they have set up an additional two factories. Zhuhai, Luen Yat (Claire) in 1996. With 60,000 sq. ft. Premise is accompanied with 20,000 sq. ft. staff accommodation, providing convenient and comfortable environment for our 800 employees. An area covering over 100 acres of land, with a production area of 500,000 sq. ft including sewing, packing, in house laundry, embroidery, water treatment system. Premise is accompanied with 500 rooms accommodation with a recreational area of, basketball court, badminton, karaoke providing relaxing and comfortable for 2000 employees. Luen Yat's annual capacity reaches 450,000 dozens of Jeanswear for local & overseas markets. As they are continuously improving their machinery and workmanship as well as implementing better production arrangement, their capacity is having a favorable and steady annual growth. Their current production in Macau factory is 80,000 pairs of jeans per month whereas the monthly production in their China factory is 370,000 pairs.

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