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Stop Motion Control Systems are used to:

fashion directory Grob Horgen AG : they produce machinery for 25mm and 18mm pitch of contact bars.  Their systems are compact and feature a stable design.  They come in modular, cost effective construction for either six or eight contact bars.  Optical indication of warp yarn breaks on individual contract bars is standard, with optical indication on each side as an option.  A simple adjustment meets varying weaving technical demands.

fashion directory  Eltex of Sweden AB: Eltex are the world's market leader in electronic yarn stop motion equipment for textile machines. They began in 1964 for manufacturing of weft stop motions (controls for the textile industry). The invention of the electronic weft stop motion revolutionized the world of textile technology and today Eltex equips all types of weaving machines with weft stop motions. The assortment of products has steadily been developed and increased and today it includes yarn stop motions for warpers, embroidery, sewing and quilting machines.

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