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fashion directory  A.B Carter, Inc.: A. B. Carter is universally recognized as a quality supplier of spinning accessories and other products utilized throughout the yarn manufacturing sector of the Textile Industry.  Lab equipment, Bobbins, Spinning Rings.  In addition, the Company also serves other Industries through the sale of precision machine parts, low carbon wire and yarn splicing products.

fashion directory  Lakshmi Spinning: (India) Spinning machinery and spare parts for spinning machinery.  Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd is a leading Textile Machinery  manufacturer in the world and is one among the three to  produce the complete  range of spinning machinery.  LMW supplies a totally integrated spinning system for  its customers. The  company manufacturers machines from Blowroom to Ring Spinning and Open end Spinning with  all spares and  accessories made easily available through its network

  Fahmar Inc. (they are distributor for Lidem S.L.) . has presented its wide range of machinery for the spinning process, cutting and confection of textile and recycling of textile, fiber, paper to the NAFTA market.   Textile and fiber Recycling Equipment:  They are offering a full line of a recycling process, which is divided in four stages: preparation and feeding, storage and blending, fiber opening and pressing.   Applications: For fabrics, recyclable materials and plastics, preparation for wadding processes, fabric recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, crushing of foam rubber, latex, cotton, jute, nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, linen, esparto, sisal, plastics, fiberglass, kevlar and similar and all kind of synthetic and natural fibers.  (More Information)

fashion directory  Prosino S.r.l. (Italy): their company produces all kind of spinning and twisting rings for all existing spinning frames.   Address: Via Nicolao Sottile, 6 Borgosesia 13011 Italy  Phone:  39 0163 418444 or 39 0163 419221  Fax:  39 0163 418445  Email:  info@prosino.com   Contact:  Mr. Pietro PROSINO

fashion directory  Rieter: (Switzerland) Systems & supplies for spinning mills. Systems, components and services for producing yarns from fibers and converting plastics into yarns and pellets.

fashion directory  Saurer Group:(Switzerland) manufacturer of textile machines for spinning, twisting, and embroidery.   Eight brand names are united under the red Saurer logo Allma, Elitex, Hamel, Melco, Saurer, Schlafhorst, Volkmann and Zinser.

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fashion directory  Zellweger Uster one of the world's market leader in textile electronics, provides systems and services enabling the textile industry to manufacture optimum quality and economical products 'from fiber to fabric'.  They manufacture Spinning and Winding machinery as well as testing laboratory equipment

fashion directory  Zhengzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co. (China):  Zhengzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co., Ltd as a subsidiary of Jingwei stock was founded by the mutual investment of Jingwei Textile Machinery Stock Co., Ltd and Stated-owned Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Factory. Jingwei company as a launched corporation with H and A stocks in market has reorganized its assets and launched much more new stocks. Its total stocks reach 603.8 million and total assets over 2 billion. Its debt rate is only about 30% which strengthens the capability of resisting risks and further developing of the enterprise.  In Nov. 1999, the company carried out a large- scale assets recomposition of its four subsidiaries (Zhenzhou Hongda New Type Spinning Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. separately located at Qingdao, Shenyang and Tianjin and Jingwei Textile Machinery Stocks Co., Ltd. Yuci Branch) by assets reorganization with China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd and became a multi-operational group with cross-territory business and large capacity of complete sets of cotton-spinning machinery as the only enterprise in China.

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