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modacrylic fiber  a manufactured fiber in which the fiberforming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of less than 84% but at least 50% by weight of acrylonitrile units. (-CH2CH[CN]-)x. Modacrylic fibers are made from resins that are copolymers (combinations) of acrylonitrile and other materials, such as vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride or vinyl bromide. Modacrylic fibers are either dry spun or wet spun. Modacrylic fiber have characteristics of soft, resilien, easy to dye to bright shades, abrasion resistant, flame resistant, quick drying, resistant to acids and alkalies, shape retentive. It can be made to fabrics like fleece, knit-pile backing or nonwoven fabrics. It is suitable for making garment like deep-pile coats, trims and linings, simulated fur, wigs and hair pieces, children's sleepwear, career apparel.  Fake Furs are often made out of this fiber.

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Solutia  / SEF Modacrylic is the trademarked name for Solutia's line of modacrylic fibers. SEF is produced from a special polymer chemistry which offers inherent flame retardancy to the fiber. SEF does not melt or drip when exposed to flames instead it chars and helps form a barrier to further suppress the spread of flames. In addition, SEF offers excellent textile processing capabilities for a variety of yarn, knitted, woven, and nonwoven applications.

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