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Admin Office:  24/10, SreeVatsa Apartments, Postal Colony 4th Street, Westmambalam, Chennai -600 033,

Product: Cybiean Jacquard Card Punching machine (Man + Machine = real-time interactive computing)

CYBIEAN PUNCH is an FULLY AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIAL punching machine. It is  robust and easy to use and easily maintainable. It is controlled through  CYBIEAN punching software and hardware INDIPENDENT CONTROLE UNIT(WITHOUT  ANY COMPUTER), the designs created by ANY SOFTWARE Textile Designs can be  punched directly, without taking graph printout thus saves money and time.  Any number of sets of cards can be Possible,

    The following are the Feature and Advantage of Cybiean jacquard Card  punching machine.
·    Cybiean Punching Machine can Run WITHOUT ANY COMPUTERS, Firstime 100%  successful INDUSTRIAL (MICROPROSSER & RAM ATTATCHED) Module, you can  produce without a single card wastage

·    Cybiean Punching Software Running in Windows Operating System,

·    Customized HOOKS &CARD DESIGNING  1 hooks TO 1800 hooks  (ANY  KIND OF HOOKS )

·    The Cybiean Punch –All In One Model  ,Single machine can be punch any  kind of  CARD & Pitch - Custom & Hooks - upto 1800 Hs

·    AUTO FEEDER  this device  for card incretions upto 500 cards

    Punches more than 450 cards/per hours for 120&240 Hooks and 400-cards/per  hour for 400 & 600 Hooks card type.

·    Cards information can be punched in any direction either 6/8/12/ row  side or 20/30/50/ column side and Special Functions 3/4/6 row side (OR)  10/15/25 column side so as to support any type of punching. (E.g.:  Handloom & Power loom & Fine Pitch)

·    Rugged and easily main table-cast iron body with machined parts,  hardened punch set & with bearing system fro joints & moving parts. (Looks  similar to pedal punching machine)

·    The punching machine Mechanical Module are available for 120, 128, 160,  200, 220, 240, 256 Hooks for handloom Jacquard or 160, 72, 240, 256, 400,  412, 632, 800 Hooks, etc for power loom jacquard and made for any custom  specification also.

·    The machine works with ½  Hp, 5 amps motor.Dimensions of machine are  approximately 33”h x 36” W 48” L and weighing 250-300 Kg.

Technological Factors:

·    Eases the job of designers and card punchers totally strain free. (Like Traveling on mud road to express high Way).
·    Reduces the cost of production to just 10% (Compared to manual Method).
·    Productivity will be increased by five times when compared to manual 
·    Failure rate is almost mollified because of the facility to “ view the  fabric before production “ i.e., sample creation on paper, which looks as  if it is manufactured.
·    Flexibility for change in design even just before it goes for production.
·    Design efficiency and aesthetics, accuracy is possible to an extent of 
·    Scaleable for future technology advancement like designing to electronic  jacquards, etc.,
·    Technology up gradation at par with the modern mills of manufactures.


Cybiean offers superior support via our highly trained specialists From Textile Industry.


Admin Office: 24/10, SreeVatsa Apartments, Postal Colony 4th Street, Westmambalam, Chennai -600 033,

Registered Office: 6-F,159, Sugavaneswara street Balajai nagar, Salem-4

Contacts: 044-42614157, 9443128785, 9443687011, 
Mail: or 

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