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Heels.com launched in October 2007 based on a foundation of love for the most fashionable women’s shoes and the ease of shopping online.  Linda and Eric McCoy’s combined their individual talents and Heels.com was born.

Breaking into the online shoe industry was no easy task; however, once their manufacturers saw their website and understood their forward thinking attitude, they realized that Heels.com was really onto something.  The shoe retail site has a unique navigation system that allows users to quickly narrow down all the shoes to the exact pair they need.  Combine that with their free shipping, free returns, and price protection make shopping online risk-free.  This shoe company has always been about making shopping online easy and fun.

This company realizes that there are many online choices for shoe shopping so they strive to provide a uniquely special experience.  While many other web sites have focused on selling hundreds of thousands of different types of shoes and even other products, they pride themselves on having the best selection of women’s shoes anywhere on the web with personalized and knowledgeable customer service that cannot be found elsewhere.

From the time they seek out the freshest styles at the shoe shows and from their sales reps, to their receipt of the shoes at their warehouse, to when the shoes are categorized, described, photographed, uploaded, and shipped to their customers, their employees put extra tender loving care into everything they do.

Heels.com is based out of Charlotte, NC and they believe that their community has been essential to their success. The Queen City has been extremely supportive of their efforts by featuring them in all types of local media as well as being very interested in their concept.  If you give them a call you may possibly notice their southern accent and most certainly their southern hospitality.

Learn more about this shoe company at www.heels.com

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