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Are you serious?  Why would you want to know the top 5 fashion news resources?  Five is probably not enough.

To be honest, five is simply not satisfactory.  If you plan on staying up to date with fashion, it takes some work.  This means you really should be doing plenty of reading.  We suggest you visit "several" news resources on a daily basis.

Rather than reviewing only five, we suggest you visit the top 10 fashion news resources for a more complete investigation regarding the latest happenings in the world of fashion.

If you truly want to narrow the section from 10 fashion news resources down to only 5, you can use the top ten list and "you" decide your favorite five.

After you complete your review, please let us know your favorites.

You may want to visit our consumer section as well.  In that section you can find our yearling best of list.  For example, you will find out best fashion reading options list for each year.  This will provide you an opportunity to find the best news resources of this year as well as our picks from years past.

By the way, you may have interest in viewing our new fashion PR Newswire feed page.

Also, you are welcome to view our fashion industry news section.

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