Introducing Lisa Hoffman Night & Day 24 Hour Skin Care for HSN
Beauty Article Posted August 31, 2007

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THINK: Portable, pre-edited, high performance skincare.

THE BACKSTORY: When Lisa Hoffman and her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, decided to have a family, they made a promise to keep the family close together. And so, when it called for her husband to go away on location, that meant Lisa's life often went on location too. She soon became an expert packer of sorts but there was one thing that she always hated to pack her skincare. (Just how much should she take of each product? Exactly what products did she need? What if her favorite jar of moisturizer broke in her suitcase?) Then, one night several years ago, Lisa, literally had a dream that she was packing for a trip.  Her skin care products were neatly organized into daily packettes, each containing the exact amount of product needed for her complete regimen.  She woke up the next morning and the idea for Lisa Hoffman Night & Day 24 Hour Skincare was born.

THE COLLECTION: Lisa Hoffman, in collaboration with Milbar Labs, has created an exclusive weekly version of her luxurious collection on for HSN and will personally bring it on-air. The collection consists of a week's worth of ten cleansing, toning and moisturizing formulas - 5 for day and 5 for night each numbered (so you know the exact order of usage) and housed in a disposable, resealable, ampoule.  Just twist the top of each ampoule and enjoy lab fresh product every time. You can then reseal the ampoule to reuse the product throughout the week and place it back in the special envelope that holds the Lisa Hoffman skin care system. This unique, first-of-its-kind approach to skincare represents a new lifestyle option one that frees people of clutter and simplifies daily routine. The formulas include:


1- Cleanser

2- Toner

3- Day Moisturizer SPF 15

4- Day Eye Cream

5- Day Lip Conditioner


Night Cleanser

Vitamin A & C Serum

Night Cream

Night Eye Cream

Night Lip Serum

All of the products in the collection are clinically- and dermatologically-tested, hypoallergenic, and best suited for women with normal to dry skin. Each is created with four primary attributes in mind (known as the 4 Ps)
Performance, Purity, Potency, and Portability.


The products in the collection work together to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin, protect it from environmental damage and reduce the effects of aging. Each contains modern anti-aging ingredients that represent the latest advances in skin care technology and were formulated by an exceptional team of chemists at one of the country's most respected laboratories, Milbar Labs. In addition, the products have been evaluated and approved by leading dermatologist, Dr. Ileana Zapatera, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California in Los Angeles and Lisa's personal dermatologist for many years.  

Every product contains some of the most potent ingredients found in nature and modern science including BVOSC, the most stable and powerful form of Vitamin C, which acts as an anti-oxidant; Matrixyl 3000 which reduces wrinkle depth and improves skin tone; and Dermaxyl which smoothes wrinkles and repairs skin damage. In addition, every formula also contains natural extracts and oils such as white tea, jojoba and olive oil to naturally moisturize and smooth the skin.


The unique packaging system of the collection is not just designed to be compact and portable, but ensures that the formulas stay fresh and uncontaminated. How? Most skincare comes in jars, requiring the user to continually dip into the jar, bringing bacteria and other micro-contaminants in with her fingertips. However, the ampoules of the Lisa Hoffman Collection are hermetically sealed and airtight, so they remain lab-fresh until you open them.


The use of traditional skincare packaging quickly decreases the efficacy of active ingredients as products are continually exposed to oxygen (which makes the ingredients unstable and significantly weaker). The ampoules of the Lisa Hoffman Collection, however, never face this exposure as the packaging is opened and used only once. The result? Every time you use one of the formulas, your skin is reaping the benefits of only the most potent, active levels of ingredients.


Imagine a day's worth of skincare, tucked right into your purse. That's exactly how small the ten daily ampoules of the collection are. However, they are not solely designed for travel. Their convenient size means less bulk and clutter in your bathroom at home, too.  The beautiful package design was created by Marc Rosen Associates, an award winning package design firm.

The Lisa Hoffman Collection is available:

  • Day and Night
    Two individual packettes that include one complete week of daytime and nighttime skincare $29.95
  • Full Size Versions of Each Product
    Every formula in the collection also comes in a full size version should a woman prefer to forgo using ampoules while at home. In order to ensure the same purity and potency levels, all of the products are housed in air-tight, metered dosage pumps so that your fingers never touch the formula and oxygen does not compromise the ingredients. $15.00-$65.00

LOOKING AHEAD: Night & Day 24 Hour Skincare is the first of many collections from Lisa Hoffman. The line will soon expand to meet a variety of lifestyle and beauty needs including hair care and fragrance. 

STAY TUNED: Pamela Vaile of Lisa Hoffman Night and Day 24 Hour Skincare to appear on HSN:

  • Friday 6/29 - 11:00 am
  • Friday 6/29 - 12:00 pm
  • Friday 6/29 - 3:00 pm
  • Friday 6/29 - 7:00 pm


Lisa Hoffman Skin Care

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