Studio Line Beauty Products by L'Oreal Paris 2011
Article Posted March 25, 2011


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Pump it. Lift it. Curl it.
Pump it. Lift it. Curl it.
Studio Line, Your Style. Your Studio.
Whether you want volume, extra hold, frizz control, or the perfect curl, Studio Line has you covered. Define your look and shape your style.*.2mH.11tp3K.ByRvjw..O.Cjv4.154.bW89MQ__CVUUFNS0*.2mH.11tp3K.ByRvjw..O.Cjv6.154.bW89MQ__CVbEFNU0*.2mH.11tp3K.ByRvjw..O.Cjv8.154.bW89MQ__CWBUFNW0*.2mH.11tp3K.ByRvjw..O.CjvA.154.bW89MQ__CWecFNf0
Eva shapes her style with Body Builder Mousse and Mega Hairspray
Learn more at L'Oreal Paris.
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