International Fashion Show : Unistyle Kazakhstan February 2009
Fashion Event Article Posted October 6th, 2008

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Third edition of Homedeco and Unistyle Kazakhstan 18-20 February 2009

How is Kazakhstan market?
Kazakhstan is the business hub for 60 million Central Asians sharing borders with Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

Because of its strong macroeconomic performance and financial health, Kazakhstan became the first former Soviet republic to repay all of its debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2000, seven years ahead of schedule. The GDP growth rate was 10.7% in 2006, 8.7% in 2007, 7.5% in the third quarter of 2008 and with a forecast of 7.1% in 2009. The economy is driven by oil exports which generate 40% of the country's total revenue. The oil sector also attracts huge foreign investments, second after Russia among the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The agriculture sector contributes nearly 7% to the GDP and employs around 20% of the active population. Kazakhstan is the sixth-largest producer of grains (includes wheat, rice and barley) in the world. Livestock raising is also an important activity. Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources: oil & gas, coal, copper, zinc, uranium and silver. Oil production accounts for 30% of the GDP. The building & construction sector is growing strongly. The manufacturing sector is not well developed given the fact that almost all capital and consumer goods are imported into the country. Thus, manufacturing activities are limited to textiles (very limited), chemicals & fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals. The services sector is growing and contributes nearly 55% to the GDP.

This constant growth in the economy also triggered the need for new residents, hotels, restaurants in order to cater the needs of the investors and their employees. All these new changes surely raised the need for home textiles which is the industry that Kazakhstan is not capable of meeting the local demand by its own production.

There are not enough suppliers especially in clothing industry to offer different varieties of clothing articles with different prices. The Kazakh consumers` purchasing power is high and the market is willing to have a wide range of products to meet their preferences. Most of the high income consumers even go abroad just to do shopping due to the fact that they can not find the right items to meet their preferences. The local production is scarce and the need for fur, leather garments, jeanswear, knitwear, men's wear, women's wear, kids' wear and recreational wear is immense.  

Why do you need to exhibit?

First of all, the market itself offers you a great opportunity to sell your goods not only to Kazakhstan but also to the neighbouring countries. Secondly, Homedeco is the only true business platform dedicated to home textiles and interior design in Kazakhstan.  With more than 10% growth compared to 2007, Homedeco 2008 fair hosted 80 direct exhibitors together with the co-event Unistyle show which focused on the fashion industry. The Organizer is expecting a bigger increase in both visitor and exhibitor numbers at Homedeco 2009.

In the last edition, the exhibitors had a chance to showcase their latest trends in home textile and interior design industry to a number of 9.000 visitors at Almaty / Atakent Expo Center.  Homedeco brings boutique owners, wholesalers, retailers, interior designers, construction companies, associations and the press under its umbrella and exposes the real potential of the Central Asia.

Unistyle Kazakhstan will create the best business to business platform in the region by bringing you the most qualified trade buyers such as boutique shop owners, chain stores, wholesalers, retailers and fashion related associations, press, government bodies and schools. The event will hold colorful fashion shows aiming to showcase the latest trends set in the industry. Please note that no other trade events in Kazakhstan are holding this highly qualified fashion shows. So by joining the show, one could also have a chance to support its participation through organizing a fashion show and showcase its latest products to the targeted audience.

Moreover, the market itself offers you a great opportunity to sell your goods not only to Kazakhstan but also to the neighbouring countries. With more than 10% growth compared to 2007, Unistyle 2008 fair hosted 80 direct exhibitors and welcomed around 8000 visitors together with the co-event Homedeco show which focused on the home textile and interior design industries. The Organizer is expecting both the visitor and exhibitor numbers to increase dramatically in 2009.

Homedeco and Unistyle 2008 edition Exhibitor Testimonials 

Mario Cavelli(Italy), Mr.Giampiero Gallazzi / Export Manager

It was our first time in Homedeco show. We did not have a deeper insight about the market before but we heard that the market was very promising, the purchasing power of the people was high, and finally there was not so much production in home textiles which makes the market dependent upon the imports heavily. So thats how we decided to take part in Homedeco show. The show was very much satisfactory in terms of organization, and the helpful approach of the team. The quality of the visitors met our expectations and we had a chance to receive some orders on the site. We will definitely attend the next show in 2009

Mac Carpet(Egypt), Mr. Tarek Shetta / Export Manager

It was our first time in this market. Homedeco is a good platform to get acquainted with the market and to learn the buyers' tendencies. I have noticed that the retail business is booming in here and the buyers do not even bargain for prices if they really like the product and its quality. I see a great future in this market, and I will definitely be at Homedeco show next year if we can not find any agent to represent us in this market after following the business leads acquired this year.

BioKarpet (Greece), Mr. Costas Jouvaras / Export Manager

We did not have any commercial activities in Kazakhstan before. By attending Homedeco Kazakhstan show, we found out that the market was very promising and there was a very high interest in our products which indeed made us very happy. We received couple of orders not so big in monetary terms but promising for future. The organization of the show was very well managed, construction of the stands was also good and the stand was delivered to us as complete as we agreed before. We will definitely consider participation next year

Product Groups:

Curtains, tulles, decorative trimmings & Embroidery
Jackuard curtains fabrics
Woven curtain fabrics
Cotton fabrics
Decorative curtain accessories
Decorative & upholstery fabrics
Bedding & bathroom textile
Bedspread covers
Bed sheets
Towels and bathrobes
Rugs, mats and lab robes
Arts and accessories



Product Groups:

Ladies' Wear, Mens' wear, Children's Wear, Knitwear, Jeanswear, Fashion Accessories 

Participation Fee:

Registration fee: 120 Euro to be paid once - Raw space (min. 30 sqm): 160 Euro /sqm - Walk-on-package (min. 15 sqm): 200 Euro /sqm

*prices do not include 13% VAT

Surcharge applies for the following options:

Two sides open stand + 5% Three sides open stand + 7% Island stand + 10%


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