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Fashion Article Posted March 29, 2007

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The golden rule of the pregnant wardrobe states: The clothes should be nice and easy to wear. The right style helps to present your beautiful round belly, whether you want to show off or to hide it. Natural fabrics let the skin breathe and prevent an allergy. Your clothes should have adjustable waistline as day by day your baby makes your size bigger.  Take these basic tips into consideration to create the exclusive wardrobe and you will be elegant and stylish during these 9 months. First, you have to decide whether you feel like sticking to your usual style and manner of dressing with the only exception of sizes, or want to make a fresh start. According to stylists and psychologists, pregnancy is an excellent opportunity to take a new look at yourself and your relationship with fashion and style. The woman of any parameters can be irresistibly luring and attractive in this period if she follows some basic rules of how to dress.

To hide

Sometimes it is necessary to hide your growing belly, in an office for example. The streamlined silhouette with vertical or diagonal stripes is the best option. Opt for classic: black pants and white blouse with an unbuttoned long cardigan. You will look elegant and stylish. All kinds of vests mask the belly very well, too. Combine it with a shirt and a jacket.

The new sports style offers jacket-shirts instead of usual blazers. Op-art blouses that are worn over the pants look very nice. The dancing cut, black and white pattern, V-neck with ties will keep back the news from curious eyes and give a refreshing touch to your wardrobe.

In a less official surrounding wearing denim overalls is the best option. Trendy denim should have a worn-off effect and should be decorated with a fringe, embroidery or prints. Poncho is an absolutely indispensable garment during pregnancy.

With the help of bright or dark colors and light shades you can show off or hide this or that part of your body. The right choice of jewelry and accessories helps to enliven the whole look.

To boast

Bright clothes will show your happiness to the whole world. Put on polka dot or checked overalls for a walk and you will not pass unnoticed. When the weather is cool, combine pants with a long print blouse or a knitted pullover. Add trendy and comfy sneakers, a bright sweater with a turtleneck or a hooded jacket. Satisfaction guaranteed!

If you don't mind, wear an empire-waist dress. It will make your look very touching. Pay attention to the buttons. The front buttons make the dress easy to put on and to take off especially during the last trimester and even the post partum months. Just undo a couple of buttons and give the breast to your baby.

If the pregnancy only made your belly bigger but you didn't put on excess weight, then why don't you wear a top in combination with the pants. Too openly? Then try a pink, lilac or green linen jacket over the top. It's an excellent outfit for any weather.

For everyday wear

Pants with elastic waistbands are the favorite clothes of moms-to-be. The new sports style offers all possible variants with preference given to shortened pants.

Beware of tent dresses, full skirts and loose pants as well as tight-fitting ones because they don't fit everyone. Besides, tight pants press the belly and your baby wouldn't like it.

Jeans admirers with small bellies can devote themselves to their favorite clothes. Firm cotton breathes and supports the belly.

Pay your attention to vertical stripes - they will take off the monotony of everyday life. For the top there's nothing more comfortable than a T-shirt or a jumper.

To go out

Fortunately, the times when pregnancy was considered something like an illness and made women stay at home have passed long ago. The modern moms-to-be don't wish to refuse their usual lifestyle. They go to the parties and enjoy themselves.

So if you're asked to the party, wear the clothes that you would choose in the normal state. Shimmering fabrics, hairdo and make-up, nice shoes and accessories are all that you normally wear and like but on the condition that it is comfortable for both of you.

By the way, you can 'steal the pregnant celebrities look that all glossy magazines abound with. They do not feel embarrassed to glitter with bellies of all shapes and sizes before the camera.

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