Space Bash Known As Yuri's Night Wearing Bright Orange Suit
Fashion Article Posted April 24, 2008 

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At the space bash known as Yuri's Night, which celebrates the first human in space and the anniversary of the space shuttle, geek rhymed with chic as author Vanna Bonta introduced the dream footwear of women explorers: a convertible shoe that goes from flats to heels, "Because when you get there, you need something to wear."

Her blond hair piled high, wearing a bright orange suit, white gloves and pumps, adventuresome author Vanna Bonta looked like she stepped out of the moon-landing era 1960s, except for the flashing rave hair lights and glowing crystal earring in one ear.

At a festival known as Yuri's Night, a yearly space bash commemorating the first human in space and the anniversary of the space shuttle, Vanna Bonta confessed from the stage to the crowd that she would have been voted least likely to give a talk about fashion, admitting she often used paper clips for hair barrettes so she could get on with what interested her.

From a stage at the NASA Ames Research Facility's event, Bonta said space is the best inspiration for hot haute style, which should multi-task as well as express and impress. Agreeing with Yves St. Laurent that fashion is whimsy but style is a forever thing, the Flight author said space wear style is all about the convergence of fashion and function.

Bonta held up a pair of pale blue metallic flats and praised them as sensible shoes. 
But remember, she said with a smile, When you get there and with a flick of her finger, the flats ejected heels as she finished, you need something to wear."

It's called the Ever shoe (as in a clever "GoWear Ever"), and is a combination flat that converts to heel with telescoping platform or stiletto high heels.

Bonta said Anousheh Ansari, the first female independent space explorer, deserved to be thanked for bringing bling to space and making it "human for girls everywhere" when she mentioned her lip gloss floated away within five minutes of arriving at the International Space Station.

Moving beyond "the little black dress" for space, geek rhymed with chic as Bonta described her idea of exciting fashion, such as spray on protective "second skins" that glitter, portable atmosphere and hydration in balloon couture, self-illuminating purse interiors. blue tooth earrings, thermal fabric, fabrics in the brilliant colors of the cosmos, and velvet with fibers that are sensors.

Bonta's exciting presentation was capped by a performance by aerialdancers, The Aerial Showgirls, who choreographed a special dance to Bonta's music about zero gravity, human wonder, and flight. The acrobatic stunts included flowing yards of silk fabric like wings from over 35 feet in the air.

Selected spacewear from a 2007 Tokyo design contest was showcased at the event by Misuzu Onuki of the Space Fashion Organization.

Apparel Search guide to fashion and clothingBonta is a familiar face as the actress who plays the cameo of the hero's young mother in the ever-popular fantasy movie The Beastmaster. She has flown in zero gravity and made fashion headlines around the world in 2006 when she revealed the innovation of the 2Suit, a garment that includes diaphanous inner material designed for intimacy in the near-weightless environment of space.

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