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Fashion Article Posted June 30, 2008 

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Their cause is simple, and it began with one man's dream; Anthony Bento dreamed of a country where people lived and let live. Anthony Bento, was a true hero. He fought for the very freedoms that many of us take for granted. The freedom to express ourselves, the freedom to be, the freedom to live.

Anthony Bento went to battle and was stationed in Bayji, Iraq, one hundred miles north of Baghdad. Fighting for his family, friends, and country, alongside his Army brothers, Anthony bravely protected the streets of Bayji. With only two weeks of his tour left, on September 24, 2007, Anthony was out on patrol with his unit. They faced small arms fire, and Anthony's precious life was taken. His life may have come to an end, but to those that Anthony has touched, he will never be forgotten. Steve Albert, one of Anthony's life-long friends decided that he would not let everything Anthony fought for just fade away.

Steve collaborated with Anthony's tragically widowed wife and founded WidoWMakeR; a company solely defined by expression and freedom. Teamed with some of the industry's top talent, WidoWMakeR combines passion with compassion. They will not stand idly by and let the people of this country be herded like sheep to conform to something they
re not. If you want to stand apart from the crowd and live life to the fullest, like Anthony Bento did, then look no further! WidoWMakeR is taking over and coming to a store near you.


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