New Label Gives to Community and Honors Those That Follow Suit
Fashion Article Posted March 5, 2008

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In the face of economic worries and buzz about consumer fashion spending being one of the first things to go in a recessionary climate, JCH Unlimited, San Jose, CA, launched a new line of affordable luxury clothing know as Legends. The Legends line of menswear debuted at MAGIC, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, on February 12, 2008.  Along with its clothing, Legends introduced its unique community Partnership Program at the country's largest fashion-industry tradeshow to an audience of over 120,000 attendees, including apparel buyers from department and specialty stores worldwide.  JCH Unlimited's CEO and Founder, Isaac Crawford thinks it's the exact right time to debut the Legends line.

Not only have we spent over four years in building our foundation with a highly seasoned retail and wholesale executive team, we have put in place the proper infrastructure to produce and deliver high quality goods for less.  We have actively sourced suppliers worldwide willing to work with us to produce value-priced luxury goods. And now is the time to give back, to the retailer, to the consumer and to the community. And that is exactly what we intend to do.

Almost an oxymoron using valued priced and luxury in the same sentence, Mr. Crawford says this is precisely what retailers and fashion oriented consumers need right now.  Not only do we offer all the finest quality fabrications and highest production quality from around the world, we specifically cater to a virtually untapped market niche defined as men over 35 who wish to be highly fashionable, while being comfortable and feeling exquisite. These men are no longer interested in participating in today's momentary trends, nor are they willing to be someone they are not. , says Crawford. If they can accomplish their goals while saving some money, all the better.

Also supporting buyers and their communities through their unique Partnership Program,  Legends is committed to retailer's success. We've been there and done that , says James Ratliff, Sr. Vice President of Retail Distribution.  We know what it takes to protect margins and be profitable. We have special Legendary events planned in communities around the U.S., as well as training and development support and cooperative plans to put our retailers in the lime light and help them stay there.   Not just committed to the largest of the large retailers, Legends wants to give back to the communities.  Life and business is all about good relationships. We are committed to being a good partner year-round, not just when the purchase order is signed. Ratliff added.

The Legend brand is distinguished by a design cut for the average seasoned male physique, slightly broader than European designs, and fashioned with premium quality materials and craftsmanship.   We developed the Legends brand to cater to a niche in need, not the other way around. , says Luanne Hinkle, Vice President of Marketing for the Legends brand, In other words, we are not looking for a man to try to fit into our label or designs. We saw a clear void and addressed it; that being a man who wants to look highly fashionable, but wants to feel extremely comfortable and confident as well.  Just as women have been actively supporting and are extremely loyal to affordable luxury labels that fit their specific size and shape, men are shouting for the same equal rights!

Another avenue geared to give back to the community , the Legends Signature Collection was developed to be endorsed by celebrated Living Legendary personalities.  Selected not for their celebrity status alone, but their contributions, the Legends Signature Collection showcases designs created specifically to complement the individual styles of these unique personalities. Also crediting ordinary individuals for contributing in extraordinary ways , the JCH Company will also conduct a search and honor unique lives and stories of astonishing people. Those who give wholeheartedly of themselves to their country, their industry, their sport, their art, their charity, their family and/or their community, we wish to honor for their legendary contributions as well , says Hinkle.  Plans include donating to associated charitable causes and Living Legends inductees will be honored in a nationwide advertising campaign scheduled to begin in Spring/summer of 2008.   We are actively pursuing relationships with the right Legendary men , says Hinkle.  These men will be nobly honored for their accomplishments that endure the test of time, which makes them a true Living Legend amongst men, and women, worldwide.

What's next for Legends?  Its obvious, Hinkle says with a wink, There aren't just Legendary men in this world!


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