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Fashion Article Posted December 8, 2009

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Have you heard of StyleMouse yet?  I certainly hope that you have because it is actually a project brought to you by Apparel Search.  Here is an introduction video incase you have not yet seen it.

Update: sorry, this video has been removed.

What is StyleMouse?

Here are a few clues about the StyleMouse website: 

  • Yes, it is regarding "Fashion".

  • Yes, it is relevant to "Fashion Videos".

  • Yes, StyleMouse is hosted by two extremely stylish young ladies.

In each of our fashion episodes, the StyleMouse will be helping our hosts, Ty and Ash, uncover the styles, outfits and bargains that everyone is looking for. But StyleMouse doesn't stop there.  With a twitch of his whiskers (and a "click" of YOUR mouse) he will deliver your favorite "must have" item right into your shopping cart!

To see the technology in action, you unfortunately, can not watch the Youtube version above.  You will need to visit the StyleMouse section here on Apparel Search to witness the magic in full effect... Go to the StyleMouse Fashion Video section here on Apparel Search.

We will also be adding updates on occasion at the Apparel Search Youtube channel.

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