Free Editorial Fashion Photo Shoots : 10 Free For Fashion Industry Network
Fashion Article Posted March 20, 2009


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Apparel Search would like to introduce you to Shaun Alexander, a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles California, with access to many of the top, models, studios and magazines worldwide, with over two decades of fashion industry experience from art, design, to film directing and photography.

He is passionate about discovering new talents, including: models, designers, singers, etc...

As a token of his appreciation to the Fashion Industry Network and talented members of the network community, he has decided to sponsor 10 free editorial photo shoots with all production expenses paid for 10 talented designers and models on the network.

This offer is an exclusive offer to the fashion industry network members. The top candidates with the best collection will be chosen for an exclusive editorial spread and submission to one of the major fashion magazines nationally and internationally as well as a TV show pilot that he is making for one of the major TV networks.

All interested parties, including models, stylists and designers, please submit a bio, a letter explaining why you should be the one to be chosen for this opportunity and how would this exposure benefit your career

You can do that by going to

He is looking forward to receiving your inquiries.

Learn more at Shaun Alexander Photography or his Shaun's profile at the Fashion Industry Network.



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