Jolita Jewellery Naiads Collection Relaunched
Fashion Article Posted May 26, 2009

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Due to a great success of our unisex collection Boreas Jolita Jewellery is re-launching Naiads collection. Naiads pieces are made from recycled silver, combined with Swarovski crystals as well as antique market finds.

Naiads collection is tailored more for females, however some of the pieces are versatile and can certainly be shared with your other half. Choose from a selection of beautiful bracelets or simple yet very elegant neck adornments.

A selection of crystals, discovered during one of the trips to an antique market, set on a sterling silver chain and adorned with a vintage button forms refined one-of-a-kind piece. For a simple, yet elegant adornment, choose Nomad necklace. Embellished with a black pearl and a beautiful Victorian carriage charm, graciously swinging from a silver chain, it forms an attractive necklace. If you want to show a stronger side of your personality - then Warrior necklace is for you. Adorned with an enticing vintage pendant that bears Roman warrior's head profile it's a unique piece.

Once you take care of your neck bring your wrist back to life. Cabaret bracelet is an elegant wrist adornment, where crystals found in one of vintage markets, are graciously set on a sterling silver chain. Crystal charm bracelet, adorned with Swarovski crystal clusters and crystal heart charms will sparkle bright on that fabulous sunny day. And Chunky link bracelet is a bold piece combined of gold plated brass and hematite beads interlocked together. Due to its unique design the bracelet looks chick and will surely set you apart from the crowd.

Visit online boutique to see all available pieces from re-launched Naiads collection.


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