Nieuw Haarlem Streetwear Line Debut
Fashion Article Posted November 17, 2009

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Nieuw Haarlem, New Streetwear Line to Debut December 2009

Nieuw Haarlem is an American streetwear line that will debut for the first time this December 2009. The line was founded by two brothers and their sister, Fathelbab Sery, Ibrahim Sery, and Samantha Sery Fathelbab. Nieuw Haarlem will feature sweatshirts and t-shirts, designed with innovative, modern and artistic graphics, produced in limited quantities. Nieuw Haarlem creates clothing of excellent quality, and supreme comfort and versatility, all at an affordable price.

Starting a clothing line seemed natural for the Fathelbab family. Samantha Sery explains,
We were exposed to fashion, especially streetwear and urban culture, at a very young age. Our father opened a clothing store in East Harlem in the early 90s and We've been there ever since. He bought from Fila, Vans, Encyce, Nike, and even designed his own line of denim, sweatshirts, hats, and men's dress pants. Today we buy from Pelle Pelle and Sergio Tacchini. Nieuw Haarlem is young and fresh, bold and exciting. We're transforming basic pieces into masterpieces for young men who possess ambition, passion, and creativity. The colors, graphic designs, and the patterns we choose to use are quite expressive and meant to empower our customer, make them feel good. Considering the economic times, people want their clothing to still be very expressive and personal. We're enhancing t-shirts and hoodies so that our customers can make an impressive statement for a reasonable price."

Nieuw Haarlem designs combine the past, the present, and the future to create completely new, never before seen pieces fit for today's man. Inspired by street and urban culture, art and history, and the power of color, Nieuw Haarlem possesses a dynamic aesthetic and aspires to set new trends. Each Nieuw Haarlem design is thoroughly thought out. Every detail, from the positioning of a stripe on a hoodie, to the symbolism behind an image, is powerful in meaning.

The ancient proverb, Every man must act in the rhythm of his time, such is wisdom, has become most influential to Nieuw Haarlem. When asked about how the proverb relates to Nieuw Haarlem, Ibrahim Sery said
Every piece of clothing we make starts with this saying in mind. Our clothing should enlighten our customer with this feeling of confidence and self awareness. Each man moves at his own pace, each man possess his own personality and soul, and understanding that and expressing it truthfully, is an impressive strength. What better way to express yourself than through what you're wearing.

The oldest of the siblings, Fathelbab Sery, came up with the name, Nieuw Haarlem.
Nieuw Haarlem really has nothing to do with Harlem, NY except that historically it was the name give to Harlem during the colonization of the area in the 17th century by Dutch explorers. I was attracted to name because it's strong and different and its Dutch spelling makes it memorable. We
re also starting something completely new in very new times. Change is prevalent, people are hungry for something new. Our company's vision is to constantly provide new designs that can invigorate people, and make them feel good always."

Nieuw Haarlem will be sold exclusively at 109 St. Inc and online on the company's website. For any questions please contact Samantha Sery at


Fathelbab Sery, 23, lives between Alexandria, Egypt and Rome, Italy. He controls all business affairs for Nieuw Haarlem.

Samantha Sery, 22, creative director for Nieuw Haarlem, oversees all design and production development. Samantha graduated from New York University in May 2009 with a BA in Fine Arts.

Ibrahim Sery, 18, provides drawings for designs for Nieuw Haarlem pieces. He is currently living in Paris, France, attending the American University of Paris.


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