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fashion directory  Heather Menzies Pattern Design: specializes in women's and children's woven dresses and sportswear. With over 20 years experience in New York City's Garment District, she has developed an excellent eye for interpretation, accurate fitting skills, and fast and reliable service. Her studio offers 1st through production patterns, fittings via Skype, fit samples, and technical sketches. For more information: Phone: 516-375-3807 E-mail: Shipping address: 29 Bournedale Rd South Manhasset, NY 11030

fashion directory  High Grade Patterns (United Kingdom): He offers high quality, fast, efficient patternmaking and grading at competitive prices.  His extensive experience of the garment industry means he can produce pattern solutions that really work.  He has worked closely with designers on items such as jackets, shirts, skirts, and trousers both producing original patterns and doing grading work.  He is well aware of the time pressures within the industry and so take pride in a quick turnaround of patterns - his Premium Service can provide you with a complete pattern within 24 hours  Address: 13 Torwood Road  Oldham OL9 0RA  United Kingdom  Phone:(+44) 0161 624 1540 or (+44) 07720 868201 Email:  Contact:  Mr. Eric Taylor

fashion directory  Jacqueline's Designs & Patterns:  Do you find yourself needing an experienced patternmaker who really understands the sewing process and knows how garments are put together? This company provides quality patternmaking, grading and marking services to apparel manufacturing and cutting facilities nationwide. Do you need someone who has 25 years experience in making patterns for ladies soft and tailored jackets, dresses, sportswear, childrenswear and men's sportswear? Owner Jackie Marcil has two CAD systems (Assyst & Gerber) and offers all of the above at reasonable prices & quick turnaround. Address 1133 Metropolitan Ave # 215 Charlotte, NC 28204 Phone 704-504-9258 Fax 866-332-3451  email: Contact: Jacqueline (Jackie) Marcil

fashion directory  JJ Pattern, Inc: JJ pattern Inc. offers one-stop full operation service--from pattern making and sample development to production, including muslin fitting, grading and marking. JJ Pattern Inc. has very skillful pattern makers and sewers who have over 30 years experience. They put their priority on their customers, guarantee the couture-level of quality as well as being punctual.  Address: 580 8th Ave., 15th FL. New York, NY 10018 Tel. 212-391-8089 Fax.212-391-2030  Email:

fashion directory  Julie Hutton Inc. Julie Hutton, Inc: Whether you are an established brand, or a novice with an idea, Julie Hutton, Inc. offers extensive expertise backed by decades of experience in design, fabric sourcing, color direction, garment specifications, pattern making, sample production, marking, and grading for fit and size. "Personal Label" targets the needs of the aspiring designer, or existing small brand. If you want to design and produce your own line, or are an existing brand needing production and manufacturing services, Personal Label is for you. With close control of their domestic factories, they are able to produce small runs at competitive prices.  Address 140 E. 28th Street, Suite 5K, New York, NY 10016  Phone 212.532.5126 Fax 212 532 0109 E-mail Contact Person: Julie Hutton

fashion directory  J. Ottenweller Design: Pattern making and Technical Design services. Computerized pattern making, grading, marker making, and fit samples.  Specification packages, technical drawings. Experience with PDM, Micrografix, Illustrator, Photoshop. They are located in the Chicago area.  Address: 176 Northgate Road Riverside, IL 60546 Phone 708-542-8227 Fax 708-447-1953  Contact: Jeanne Ottenweller, owner

fashion directory  Katrina Patterns, Inc.: Katrina Patterns, Inc. has been providing precise patterns, samples and duplicates for 27 years to well known designers, leading manufacturers, retailers and new to the industry designers helping them to succeed. Their goal is to provide highest quality at reasonable prices, specializing in Ready-To-Wear to Custom Made clothing.  They deliver quality service with quick turnaround. They create first thru production patterns of women's, men's and children's wear from almost every kind of fabric on the basis of sketches or photographs, sample or spec sheets.  Address: 555 8th Ave. 16 Fl. New York, NY 10018 Tel. 212-563-7332 Fax.212-563-7394 e-mail:  contact name: Valentina Kozhevsky 

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fashion directory  Kirtam designs Inc:Freelance Patternmaker with over 25 years industry experience will make your sportswear, dresses and jacket patterns at very reasonable rates. Send her your sketches or pictures for rate quotes.  Also willing to do freelance patternmaking in NYC garment center. She has worked for some of New York's top designers and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Contact: 973-985-1205 Email

fashion directory  Lance Gordon Designs:  Lance Gordan Designs is a full service design studio to the trade offering design, illustration, pattern makers, grading and marking, digitizing and plotting, sourcing and manufacturing agent. He has over 10 years working knowledge in the made-to-measure private label business. Lance works with a professional team of master pattern makers, expert seamstresses and tailors who have over 20 years experience in the garment industry working with design and technical sketches, 1st patterns through production ready, fit analysis, sample garments, grading and markers, plotting, overseas sourcing, production controls and line budgeting   Address: 6550 150 AVE N # J209 CLEARWATER, FL 33760 Phone: 727-953-8640 Fax E-mail:  Contact: Lance Gordan

fashion directory  Liza D Productions: Liza D Productions specializes in Pattern making and sample making. They also take you through production.  Clients include leading manufacturers, retail chains, celebrities, project runway winners, and sport stars.  Liza specializes in designers new to the industry, guiding them through each process clearly.  Liza D Productions has enjoyed many of her start up clients go on to be great success. Production is set up domestically. They do help set clients up over seas as well.  Address 15 Leroy St #9 New York New York 10014 Phone 917-509-6181 Fax 212-243-3228 Email: Contact: Liza D

fashion directory  Logos Fashion Service (Vietnam):  Logos Fashion Service is a 1-stop service and sourcing destination for all emerging designers. They offer services starting from pattern making all the way through production.  Their office is strategically located in Vietnam, benefiting their customers by utilizing a large network of artisans, high quality at low cost factories, and an abundance of textile materials from throughout Asia.  They also service large-scale garment productions. Their team of industry experts and extensive network with factories in the Asia region allow for reliable delivery of your products at competitive costs.  Address: 181 79th ST, DISTRICT 7, HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM Phone: 703-879-8827 Fax: 703-995-4366 E-mail:  Contact: Sylvie Tran

fashion directory  Marker Express: Computerized Pattern Management Services for the Sewn Products Industry.

fashion directory  McCall Pattern Company
11 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-465-6800

fashion directory  Michael Classic Apparel Inc., / dba: Leather For You: They are a full service private label manufacturer with complete manufacturing services in the USA. With over 22 years experience in mens, ladies and childrens leather apparel, they can provide complete packages. From pattern making, grading, markers, sample making, cut and sew to finishing the garment and quality Control at all stages. Varsity Jackets, Leather Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Bags, ect.  These are just a few of the garments they can manufacture. They manufacture products using Leather, Melton Wool, Plaid fabrics, Denim, etc.  Address: 2431 S Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90007 Phone: 213-741-0800 Fax: 213-986-3030 E-mail: or  Web address Contact name: Alex Rybnik 

fashion directory  Moda de Vida Design (Canada): Moda de Vida Design is in the business of providing Pattern Management Solutions to the Apparel Industry. Services include Pattern Making, Grading, Marker Making, Plotting and Technical Fashion Drawing, all at competitive prices. With over 15 years of patternmaking experience, the Moda de Vida team can help your company make the transition to CAD Pattern Management without a large outlay of capital for software and hardware.  They can also provide hard paper patterns if required.  Wendy Armbruster Bell, owner and head patternmaker, Graduated with Distinction from the Fashion Design & Technology Program at Kwantlen University College in 1995. Wendy also teaches fashion-related courses at the college level. Moda de Vida Design uses OptiTex and Freeborders software and is a member of Apparel BC and Women's Work Force.   Address: 1501 Marine Crescent, Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3J 5X4 Phone: 604.202.7788 Fax: 604.931.7789 E:  Contact: Wendy Armbruster Bell

  ORTU Leather: ORTU Leather is a leather contractor specializing in high end leather apparel and handbags. They offer full package leather contracting for fashion designers, artists, movie/film studios and more. It includes full package production: pattern making, grading, design consulting/development, materials sourcing, sample making, duplicate and production. Everything is done in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Whether your apparel production is large or small, their quality is first rate. They have all the necessary connections and their experts will help you save time and money. The same attention to details they put in finished product will help a designer land in the right showroom or high end fashion retailer, boutique owners, distributor and/or business. They advise their fashion designers to come to see them with a pattern and/or sample, sketches, photos to help speed up the process. They also offer private label for retailers, boutique owners, distributors and all businesses. Ortu Leather is also a wholesale leather supplier.   They offer production cut and sew services, leather supply as well as design consulting.

MADE IN USA (Los Angeles, CA). Address: 2818 S Olive St. Los Angeles, CA. 90007 USA - Phone: (213) 765 0905 - Email: Contact: Daniel Guien

fashion directory pattern making service.  Long ago, they did it by hand. It was a good time to learn the clothing business. Everything from designing, pattern making, grading, and marking has subtleties and nuances missing in many so-called experts today. When most feared computers, they embraced them. A decade of successful computerized design services has made them a leader in productivity and efficiency. Trust the experience of a lifetime in the clothing industry and state-of-the art computer technology.  e-mail:

fashion directory  The Pattern Department: Pattern and marker making services to the textile industry.  They can help you To digitize and set up the base size of a production pattern for a style, create a measurement specification sheet for each size based on customer or industry sizing, grade a pattern, and more.  Address 851 Pace Bridge Road, Easley, SC 29640 Phone (864) 836-2084 or (864) 561-5738 Fax E-mail  Contact: Linda Lednum

fashion directory They are an apparel pattern making and fit consulting business based in Albuquerque/santa Fe area with experience in Women's and Men's outerwear and Sportswear as well as Women's Innerwear, Swimwear, Dresses and Designer labels. Owner, Sally Beers has over 25 years in the fashion/ apparel trade and works with large to start up companies in developing their patterns, fit, design and sourcing. The patterns are created by traditional, manual patternmaking and draping methods and/or with Gerber PDS or Silhouette work stations.  The pattern files can be transfered to Gerber or Micro systems electronically.  Address: 4237 Courtney Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87108 #505 232-0745 Email:  Contact: Sally Beers, Pres.

fashion directory  Pattern Solution (China): the owner has been working in garment industry for more than 15 years. Their team is including experienced pattern makers and graphic designers.  All of them have been working in this field for over 10-20 years. Their business is focus on garment product development: pattern design, graphic design, garment sample making. Pattern solution has a strong experienced team who have been working at the export-oriented fashion design company or garment manufactures for more than 15 years. They have gained product development experience in the whole value-chain of apparel from fashion concept developing to sample making for most woven garment, namely suits, sports-wear, jackets, pants, dresses, etc for men, ladies and kids.  Address: room 302, building no 4, no 3500, Yan An Xi road, shanghai, China Phone: 86-21-54760575 Fax: 86-21-54760575 E-mail:   Contact: Maggie Ma

fashion directory  Patterns 365: Gerber Pattern Making Service. Creates first-production patterns from a sketch, measurements, or a photo. They have an excellent fit and balance, establish grade rules for all markets, shrinkage, grading, sample making, import packages, illustrator sketches and spec sheets. They are unique, innovative and can create original, functional, production quality patterns for your company.  Address Los Angeles, California Phone 562-338-1334 Fax n/a Email 

fashion directory  PDQ Fashion Service
109 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-575-0243

fashion directory  Pepe's Patterns Inc
30 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-869-9377

fashion directory  ProCut Technical Design Services: Apparel Custom Made to Order to your designs ideas and specifications of drawings, sketches, or illustrations. Who may order is Designers, Fashion Companies, or Apparel Manufacturers there is know limit to New Business Development. ProCut Technical Design Services will make it possible to develop design and style for your special fashion ideas. To make your request for services and charges for Patterns and Samples you first need to E-mail Name/company name, Address, and Phone number/fax number. Please E-mail or Fax all of your request information drawings, sketches, illustrations, and specifications of the garments materials, styles and sizes. Then all requested is analyzed for processing your custom order to specifications, styles, and sizes. If any questions please fill free to phone, Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm.  Note: All Patterns is draft on card stock and will apply to PDS/ Digitizer.  Address: 19211 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44122 phone 216-320-0511, cell phone to 216-832-8690   Email:  Contact:  Jimmie Gibson, Jr.

fashion directory  Quality Patterns
246 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-704-0355
Fax: 212-921-0568

fashion directory  RHF Apparel ServicesRHF,Sewing contract services &, Apparel pattern making. small to large sewing production, pattern making, grading, marker making, plotting services for the apparel, sample making, pattern and product for sale.  Address 4735 E. Chicago Ave Las Vegas NV 89104 Phone 702-641-9526 Fax 702-641-9526 E-mail  Contact: Villarosa Smith

fashion directory  Sagebox Studio: Their Oakland studio provides services to clothing designers, these services include patternmaking, sample sewing, and small production runs. They specialize in but are not limited to women's wear, sportswear, casual sportswear, lingerie and children's clothing. Address: 1650 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland CA 94602 Phone: 415-810-7528 email: Contact: Susan Leung

fashion directory  Sage Pattern Services / DiSalvo Productions: Full line of domestic apparel production services, including pattern making, sample making, marking & grading. Address: 237 West 35th Street Suite # 902 New York, N.Y. 10001 Ph. # 212.967.5926 Fx. # 212.967.1839 email:  Contact: Maria or Daniela DiSalvo

fashion directory  Savvy Apparel Studio: A highly successful apparel design studio and Apparel Product Development Firm located in the United States which has been involved in the development of many apparel collections being sold at well known retailers such as Nordstrom, Macys, Costco, Walmart, and high end boutiques throughout the country. Services Include: Apparel Design, Pattern Making, Digitizing, Grading, Markers, Tech Packs, Prototypes, Final Samples, Raw Materials and Factory Sourcing, and Production Management. Contact 801-674-5651,,

fashion directory 
Sew Tec (USA): In business since 1990, Sew Tec is a patternmaking and sample shop, specializing in prototype creation and small production runs for clothing, soft toy designers, and fiber artists.  They also offer design assistance and precision sewing services for high tech specialty fabrics and outdoor equipment.  Address: 2658 Country Road Chipley, Florida 32428 Phone/ Fax 850-773-7929  e-mail:   Contact: Patty Spiro

fashion directory  Singer Pattern Company  : Singer Pattern Company has been servicing the Garment Industry for 30 years. Let a company with experience help you to achieve your goals. Their work is fully guaranteed, because Singer Pattern Company is "a name you can trust." Technology has played a crucial role in the Future of the Garment Industry, therefore they provide computerized grading and marking using the newest Gerber Accumark system and Micro Dynamics system. Address: 340 West 39th NY, NY 10018  Phone: (212)947-2902 Fax (212)947-2716 e-mail:   Singer Pattern Company specializes in:

fashion directory  Southern Sport Design and Manufacturing, Inc. (United States): SSD Manufacturing Inc. factory produces jeans for individual designers and companies at minimums starting at 150 peices.  They also assist in the pattern making, procurement of care and logo labels.  They are your full service jean manufacture serving you.  Also, they provide sewing services.  Address: 3419 NW Evangeline Thruway Suite C-2  Carencro Louisiana  70520 US  Phone: 337-886-8999  Fax: 337-886-0402 Email: Contact: John Ned , Owner

fashion directory  Studio 102: Studio 102 provides line developing and design services to a variety of clients. They work with new, small, large and high end companies on their garment construction.   Their main services are pattern making from 1st through production by hand as well as by computer, sample sewing with great attention to detail, specs and line sheets. Their in-house capabilities are of the highest quality with great attention to their clients and their needs.   Address: 415.947.0798 340 Bryant Street 102 San Francisco, CA 94107  E-mail:  Contact: Flavia Dawson

fashion directory  Susan Fashion Pattern Service Corp
580 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-391-5822

fashion directory  Sylvie P:  Sylvie P offers pattern making and made-to-order services for any type of garment and sizes: sportswear, formal, bridal, lingerie. Men, Women, children. Pattern drafting (traditional or CAD, fitting capability), grading, Spec sheets (finish measurements, flat sketches, construction details), and sample making (small run) By appointment only 650 296 4296;  Address: 1201 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

fashion directory  Tarseam is a Canadian company created in 2004, specializing in the Pattern making and grading. Tarseam belongs to the Design Wizard Group, the first inventor of parametric pattern drafting , which means dynamically drawing a pattern based on the unique data parameters provided by you or by modifying the default parameters. Tarseam was born from Design Wizard, as part of a need both to modernize and to rationalize production, increasing productivity while standardizing and improving production standards. This scenario led Design Wizard management, in 2004, to creating Tarseam for providing pattern making and grading services for apparel industry The Tarseam department is currently made up of a select multidisciplinary team of designer, pattern maker and engineers, each of whom is highly qualified in the various technological areas the company deals in.

fashion directory  Tomboy Design, Inc.: Tomboy Design offers Computerized pattern making, grading and marker making services.  Prototype and sample development.   Specification development, including creative and technical drawing.  Consulting in the areas of Quality control, production, and training  Address:  1817 McGee, Kansas City, MO 64108 Phone: 816-472-6200 Email: Contact: Laura McGrew, Owner

fashion directory  Total Control Apparel, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is a family run production manufacturing facility which employs approximately 70 people. Its 30,000 sq. ft. facility is located in the center of New York's Garment Center.  Total Controls production facility consists of an on site pattern and sample room. A fully computerized marking and grading department, trimmings buyers, cutting room, fabric warehouse, fusing department, pick pack operation, and a staff of highly qualified Quality Control and Spec Technicians who oversee production in TCAs network of approximately 30 factories.  Address: New York

fashion directory  Tukatech: CAD/cAM/cIM systems for the Sewn Goods Industry.  Their product line of automated systems include, TUKAstudio for fabric and Garment Design; TUKAcad for Pattern Design, Grading and Marking, TUKAjet family of High Speed Ink Jet Plotters; TUKAcut family of Single Ply Cutters; European Technology for Automatic Spreading and Cutting and TUKA-INA Systems for Unit Production Systems and Electronic Tracking in Sewing, Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing.  They assemble, install, train and support these Systems. With Head Quarters in Los Angeles, they have offices in San Francisco, New Delhi, Seoul, Milano, Toronto, Bangalore, Jaipur and Dominican Republic with demonstration and training facilities.  Address: 5527 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, California USA  90040  Phone: 323-726-3836  Fax: 323-726-3866 Email:  Contact:  Rupi Arora, Chief Operating Officer

fashion directory  Walter Foster Patterns
308 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-564-9216

fashion directory  Wolff Fording & Company (USA): In business since 1893. It's 100 plus employee cut and sew facility offers expertise in ladies apparel, sportswear and activewear. Experienced in four way stretch fabrics such as spandex. Use your fabrics, their fabrics or provide you with fabric sourcing.  Small lots welcomed. Piece goods warehousing available for on going programs.  Drop Ship to Customer.  In business for over 115 years Contact: Stuart Feldstein; 2220 E. Main St., Richmond, VA 23223. 804-648-2423; fax-804-780-1794; email

fashion directory  ZW Designs : Patternmaking, grading, markermaking, technical design, specifications, design, samples, product development, CAD/cAM Service Bureau for established as well as start-up companies.  Over 25 years in the apparel trade. They provide Specification Services and Product Development Georgia, USA Phone 770/513-0906 

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