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If you are planning on manufacturing clothing or fashion accessories, it is important to understand pattern making, grading, plotting, marker making and fabric utilization.  If you are not an expert yourself, you should search for a qualified service provider to assist you with first patterns, production patterns, sample markers, production markers, etc.  Hopefully, this Apparel Search Grading and Marker Making company directory will be of assistance to you.

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  AAA Patterns & Marking Services : Pattern making, grading, marker making, and plotting services for Apparel Designers, manufacturers and cutting facilities.  They will help you develop Men's, women's, juniors, children's clothing, and uniforms, with professional design services that save you time and money.  They help with first patterns, production patterns, grading, material utilization.

fashion directory  ApparelTek LLC: With over 30 years experience in the sewn product industry and a Master's Degree in Technical Design and Patternmaking Jane Ruth has deeply honed skills to translate designs into patterns and prototypes, create tech packs and grade patterns. She has in-depth knowledge of garment construction and fit as well as performance textiles. Her specialty is in the technical sportswear market.  Address: Longmont, CO 80503 P (970) 586-7753

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  Create-A-Marker Inc.: Create-a-Marker, Inc. is one of the leading computerized grading and marking companies that serves the apparel industry with state of the art equipment and large facilities. They work with not just one system, but six Lectra, Gerber/micro,Optitex, PAD, Tuka and Polygon systems. They also have a Gerber cutting edge pattern cutter that can produce your patterns on oak tag quickly and efficiently. The File Formats that they currently read, write, open and support are: .PLT, .PLX/pLA, .MDL, .IBA, .PGM, .DXF, .AAMA, .HPGL,.DSN, .TUD, .TUM, .TMP. Average turn around time provided is approximately 48 hours. The C.A.M teams of qualified garment technicians are able to consistently provide the same quality and accuracy as well as efficiency. They offer equal turn around time to their national and international as well as their local customers. You can also send your orders via phone; fax, e-mail, mail or one of their messengers will pick up your orders (if you are local). They guarantee optimum fabric utilization and cost effectiveness. They provide a copy service and storage of original markers and can also send markers via e-mail or shipped anywhere. USB Flash Drives are also available if you require them. Mini markers can be produced for your approval to ensure quality control, as well as plot-outs of any existing markers, which are stored in their large database.  Address: 254 West 35th Street, 10th Fl., NYC 10018 Phone#: 212-730-5615 Fax#: 212-730-5615 Email:  Contact: Paul Cavazza

  Fall River Apparel : Fall Riber Apparel  uses Gerber Accumark technology to convert sample patterns into ready-to-cut markers. The markers are sent electronically to the in-house cutting machine or printed and sent to a cutting service of your choice. They can also send the data electronically if needed. They will grade patterns to customer specific size ranges and specifications. Their experienced technicians will ensure minimum use of fabric while creating industry standard markers. They will also contract with established pattern makers to create first patterns and develop technical specifications if needed.  They take pride in their attention to detail.

  Grade Mark Cut (a subdivision of The Design Principles): is a company dedicated to giving the apparel industry exceptional quality services in grading, markers, and cutting. They can grade, mark, and cut everything from swimwear, active wear to fine couture garments.  They have the capability to work with start ups to large clothing companies that want a hands on, expert eye on their first steps to preparing their garments for construction. They also offer small and large production services and can work with sample development if necessary.  They encourage emails about their company and the services they provide. They have clients from all over the country and look forward to establishing a profitable working relationship with you. Please call or email Edward Michalenko for an estimate of costs.  Address: 7O45 Golf Pointe Circle Tamarac, Florida 33321 702.234.4949

  Keep It Here Garment Manufacturing (USA): Specializing in apparel manufacturing, full package, cut and sew. Also markers, grading, patterns. Specializing in women's sportswear, knits, dresses, mens, denim. Please contact KIH to get your product from start to finish on time and with quality. Based in Los Angeles.  Phone: 323-316-6476

  ORTU Leather: ORTU Leather is a leather contractor specializing in high end leather apparel and handbags. They offer full package leather contracting for fashion designers, artists, movie/film studios and more. It includes full package production: pattern making, grading, design consulting/development, materials sourcing, sample making, duplicate and production. Everything is done in the heart of the fashion district in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Whether your apparel production is large or small, their quality is first rate. They have all the necessary connections and their experts will help you save time and money. The same attention to details they put in finished product will help a designer land in the right showroom or high end fashion retailer, boutique owners, distributor and/or business. They advise their fashion designers to come to see them with a pattern and/or sample, sketches, photos to help speed up the process. They also offer private label for retailers, boutique owners, distributors and all businesses. Ortu Leather is also a wholesale leather supplier.   They offer production cut and sew services, leather supply as well as design consulting.

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MADE IN USA (Los Angeles, CA). Address: 2818 S Olive St. Los Angeles, CA. 90007 USA - Phone: (213) 765 0905 - Email: Contact: Daniel Guien

  Pattern Grading & Marking by Andrew Gloninger : he provides a full range of pattern grading and marking services, starting with your pattern parts or CAD file, and ending with finished production markers, printed to your precise specifications and optimized for fabric utilization.

  Savvy Apparel Studio : A highly successful apparel design studio and Apparel Product Development Firm located in the United States which has been involved in the development of many apparel collections being sold at well known retailers such as Nordstrom, Macys, Costco, Walmart, and high end boutiques throughout the country. Services Include: Apparel Design, Pattern Making, Digitizing, Grading, Markers, Tech Packs, Prototypes, Final Samples, Raw Materials and Factory Sourcing, and Production Management. Contact 801-674-5651,,

  West End Grading (United Kingdom): West End Grading is a company on the cutting edge of clothing technology with the latest Gerber Accumark software and hardware, offering computerized grading and marker making services to the clothing industry.

We hope this helped you learn more about fabric marking and grading and where to find service providers to assist you with your project.

It is important for apparel companies to use a good grading and marker making company.  Try to keep fabric utilization down for cost savings.

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