The Difference Between Capris & Cropped
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What is the difference between capri pants and cropped pants?

Many people do not always make much about the difference between capris and cropped pants.  We sort of use the words interchanably at times.

The main difference between capri pants and cropped pants is their length, the seasons in which they are worn and their level of formality. Both types of women's pants are shorter than traditional full-length pants, but capris are slightly shorter than cropped pants. Capris tend to end between mid-calf and above the ankle, whereas cropped pants traditionally end right above the ankle and bear a closer resemblance to full-length pants. 

Cropped pants A cropped trouser typically comes down to between knee and calf or ankle length but their is not an exact length measurement that defines this category of pant.  However, some people find the official description of a cropped pant to be defined as ending just above the ankle.  It is our opinion that a cropped pant can be made in various lenghts, but most commonly ending just above the ankle.

Capri Pants can be defined as ending mid-calf and are considered a casual, summer dress choice often worn with a sandals, but can obviously be worn with other shoes as well.

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