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  Alex and Me : Carries C-Wear sun protective clothing and swimwear for infants and children.  Alex & Me is one of the original Sun Protective UV Clothing and UV Swimwear Company. They started in 1997 with being one of the first companies to import UV Sun Protective Swimwear from Australia, and now they have one of the largest selection of UV Clothing and UV Swimwear products on the Internet with close to two dozen different UV Sun Protective name-brands. They are considered industry experts in consumer UV Sun Protective Clothing, UV Sun Protective Swimwear and other UV Sun Protective items. Their thousands of UPF/sPF rated items are designed for any lifestyle and for any member in the family - whether UV swimwear and UV clothing for infants, children, teens or adults. They also sell RIT Sun Guard laundry additive, which adds a SPF 30 to your existing clothing and swimwear. They are proud to feature CWear and Sun Busters UV swimwear from Australia, NoZone UV Swimwear and UV Clothing from Victoria, British Columbia, BluKuda from the U.K., MaxOut, Tuga, and UV Skinz from sunny California, SunSafe from Florida, and Koala UV and Cabana Life from the Northeast.  Other brands include: Coppertone, Blue Lizard, San Diego Hat Co., AquaDesign, SplashSkins, PonchoPals and Soleil Chic. All Alex and Me Sun Protective UV clothing carries SPF Skin Protection of UPF 25 - 50 (UPF is the SPF equivalent for UV clothing and UPF50 being the Highest rating one can get). They sell UPF / SPF Sun Protective Clothing and Sun Protective Swimwear including: SPF protective swim shirts, SPF swim shorts, SPF board shorts, SPF rash guards, SPF athletic shirts, SPF skirts, and of course SPF protective swim suits.

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  DaRiMi Kidz : Offering a colorful line of sun-protective swimsuits and hats. Also carries Outlook stroller shades.  They provide Australian beach fashion for babies, children and teens through their brands Sun Busters and Seafolly Girl.

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  Fish Skins  : their sunsuits offer more sun protection for your child while swimming and playing outdoors. Children enjoy the comfortable fit and the sporty look. Fishskins are great for beach wear, pool and swim class. Fishskins fabrics have not been treated, only tested. The close knit fabric naturally offers protection from UV rays. Lighter colors have a protection average of 80%; darker colors, 90%. These percentages may decrease with natural wearing of the fabric and when the fabric is stretched.

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  Equatorsun - UV Protection Swimwear : Equatorsun was set-up to enable people to buy excellent quality and extremely well- designed UV protective clothing at affordable prices. To ensure the highest quality they source their swimwear from companies licensed under the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation And Nuclear Safety Agency) UPF certification scheme. ARPANSA is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the effects of UV radiation. They offer a wide range of UV protective leisure and swimwear from babies through to adults, allowing you to protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays. The range includes rash shirts, raysuits , swim shorts, board shorts, stinger suits, hats, caps and goggles. The clothes are suitable for a wide range of activities from swimming and surfing to cycling or for beach activities

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  Little Red Fish : Swimwear with UV protection for babies and young children.  Stylish, quick-drying swim suits that offer high levels of UV protection Little Red Fish is a range of kid's swimwear offering protectection from the harmful effects of the sun's UV Radiation. Their UV swimwear, which has a UPF/sPF factor of 50+, is made from a beautiful high technology Italian milled matt nylon/lYCRA fabric, and has up to 4.5 times the chlorine resistance of ordinary elastane. All their sun protection swimsuits are manufactured in New Zealand, where for many years they have been living the effects of increased UV levels due to the hole in the ozone layer. The sun is so strong in New Zealand's summer that it is rare to see any babies, toddlers or children on the beach without a full UV suit in addition to high SPF sunscreen and hats.

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  Mystic Sun Protective Swimwear : Mystic : Mystic Sun Protection Swimwear has been designed to protect children's skin from exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Their products are made from high quality Carvico Dupont Lycra with an Ultra Violet protection factor (UPF) of between 100+ and 200+, depending on the color. These fabrics have superior chlorine resistance and shape retention properties and they are mildew resistant. Mystic Sun protection swimwear can be worn on the beach or in the water, to play in or to swim. One severe sunburn in childhood more than doubles the risk of skin cancer later in life and children spend three times more time outside than adults so they believe prevention is better than cure when it comes to sun damage.

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  No Zone : Presenting a line of UV protective swimwear products designed to protect children from the sun's harmful rays.  NOZONE Clothing Company is one of the North American leader in producing sun protective clothing for children and adults. More than swimwear - NOZONE products are great for gardening, hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, jogging, and any other activity where the sun can spoil the fun. Their hands-on approach ensures that they choose only the finest materials, use the best design and manufacturing techniques available, and double check every item before it goes out the door. They oversee every step of production, from which zipper they choose to the quality of the elasticized threads their sewing team uses in their state-of-the-art machines to the bullet-proof four-thread stitching techniques they incorporate to make their products all but indestructible.

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  Oz Resort (Australia) : Sydneys Swimwear Specialist Retailer.  They have been selling top Australian brands for over 20 years in Bondi and Mosman. Theye stock Seafolly swimwear, Jets Swimwear, Moontide, Baku, Gottex, Miracle suits, Speedo and a wide range of resort wear. They are open 7 days a week or on line. They also sell sun protection swimwear for children at  Address: Shop 1 710 Military road, Mosman NSW 2088 Sydney Australia Email:   Ph 61 2 9969 9929 Free Call 1800 999 969

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  Solartex : 100 SPF sun protective swimwear, clothing and hats for children and adults.  They also sell flotation swimsuits and swim diapers.  Solartex Sun Gear, Inc. was formed by 2 moms, Lisa and Laurie, to promote child safety products that make life easier for parents. Solartex features cool, comfortable, chemical-free 50+SPF sun-protective swimwear, activewear and hats for children and adults. We also offer the only U.S. Coast Guard approved swimwear personal flotation device (PFD) for kids.  Solartex had its genesis when Lisa, who has a fair-skinned, red-headed son, wondered if she needed something more than ordinary sunscreen to protect him from sunburns and the damaging effects of the sun.

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  Splashskins : UV protective swimsuits and sun hats for babies, kids, and teens.  their recreational line of UV protective swimwear emphasizes fun, stylish prints while providing at least 50+ UPF, blocking 97.5% of the sun's harmful rays. Their highest quality suits are all Made in the USA. Children's

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  SunSmart Store : Baby and children's UV blocking swimsuits and active wear. Colors magically appear in the sun.

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What is UV radiation? Of the many types of radiation emitted by the sun, mainly visible (light) and infrared (heat) reach the earth's surface. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is also present but we cannot see it or feel it. Ozone in the atmosphere absorbs much of the dangerous UVR before it reaches the ground but we can still receive enough to cause sunburn and more serious health problems.

Why is UV radiation dangerous? Exposure to UVR can cause not only sunburn but also lasting skin damage. This may result in premature skin ageing and skin cancer. UVR can also cause eye disorders such as cataracts. Australians have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Our country has high UVR levels and relatively clear skies. Poor use of sun protection measures during outdoor work and leisure, means our mainly fair-skinned population has a high exposure to UVR. The risk of a person eventually developing skin cancer is related to the amount of UVR they are exposed to over their lifetime, particularly in childhood.

The above information is from the Australian Government.  Learn more about UPF ratings and fabric to block UVR from the following page.

Merkel cell carcinoma is a rare, fast-growing cancer that usually appears as a flesh-colored or bluish-red nodule on your skin, often on your face, head or neck. Merkel cell carcinoma tends to spread quickly (metastasize) to other parts of your body. Like other types of skin cancers, the incidence of Merkel cell carcinoma is increasing worldwide. Merkel cell carcinoma, also called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin, most often develops in older people. Long-term sun exposure or having a weak immune system may increase your risk of developing Merkel cell carcinoma.  By Mayo Clinic Staff Sep 14, 2006

Educational Reading about UV Protection:
Sun Protective Clothing - Wear it Well May 2001

Sunscreens and Sun-Protective Clothing May 2001

Sun-protective clothing is another way to help protect children from the negative effects of the sun. Sun-protective fabrics differ from typical summer fabrics in several ways. Sun-protective fabrics typically have a tighter weave or knit, and usually are darker in color. And, garments made with these fabrics generally have a label listing the garment's Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) value, that is, the level of protection the garment provides from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The higher the UPF, the greater the UV protection. The UPF rating indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. For example, a fabric with a UPF rating of 20 allows 1/20th of the sun's UV radiation to pass through it. This means that this fabric will reduce your skin's UV radiation exposure by 20 times where it's protected by the fabric. Garments with a rating over UPF 50 may be labeled UPF 50+; however, these garments may not offer substantially more protection than those with a UPF of 50. Also, a garment should not be labeled "sun-protective" or "UV-protective" if its UPF is less than 15. In addition, sun-protective clothing may lose its effectiveness if it's too tight or stretched out, damp or wet, and has been washed and worn repeatedly.
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