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Bowling is a sport or leisure activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target.  It is one of the major forms of throwing sports.  Bowling in the United States and Canada most frequently refers to ten-pin bowling. In the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries it more often refers to lawn bowls.

Why do bowlers have to wear bowling shoes?

Every bowling alley requires bowlers to wear bowling shoes, and it's not just so they can get another couple dollars out of you. It is important to keep the approach on the bowling alley clean of debris.  This is the part of the lane that you walk on, leading up to the foul line, prior to releasing your ball.  Being sure that the shoes are only worn inside helps.  For maximum performance, the approach needs to be flat, moderately slick and free of debris.

Not all bowling shoes are created equal:

What You Should Know Before You Buy Bowling Shoes One bowling shoe is for sliding, and the other is for braking. It's because of this, that bowling shoes are designed specifically for right-handed or left-handed bowlers. The shoe for sliding is the one opposite of the hand with which you bowl. For example, a right-handed bowler will have the left shoe as the sliding shoe.   What You Should Know Before You Buy Bowling Shoes Bowling shoes with padded linings and collars and cushioned insoles will provide extra comfort. They can also provide extra support and stability by minimizing the movement of your foot within the shoe.

What is a bowling shirt?

You want to wear a shirt that allow easy movement of your arms.  Some bowling shirts are embroidered or printed for bowling leagues or teams with a logo, name or design.  It is bowling night, so gear up with your trusty ball and your lucky bowling shirt. Find old school designs in crazy patterns to strike out the competition, or try for a more sophisticated option such as a solid black or blue, sure to go with any of your favorite shoes. If you are looking for retro, button down or polo bowling shirts try some of the bowling shirt stores below.  Find a huge selection of great fitting customized bowling jerseys.

fashion directory  Bowler Store: Bowling Pro Shop Supplies; Bowling Shirts; Bowling Shoes; Candlepin Bowling and more.

fashion directory : Check out their selection of quality bowling shirts and apparel including many exclusive t-shirts! You'll love their apparel and their prices.

fashion directory : Shop's huge selection of more than 700 bowling accessories & apparel, including towels, grip sacks, gloves, wrist supports, bowling shirts, bowlers tools, protective tape and more.

fashion directory  Cruisin USA ( Cruisin' USA has brought the fun, fads & fashions of the fabulous fifties era back to the future! They offer authentic, quality poodle skirt outfits for adults & kids, Pink Ladies & T-Birds jackets, real leather saddle shoes, chiffon scarves & catseye glasses. They also offer hand-embroidered chenille emblems, carhop trays, fuzzy dice, and tons fab fifties decorations & gifts for any 50's party, sock hop, or class reunion.

fashion directory  Southwest Bowling Apparel: Some of the best bowling apparel and merchandise in the industry. Address:  8201 W. Industrial  Midland, Texas 79706  USA  Phone: 888-722-2695   Fax: 915-563-7917 Email: Contact: Terry Donathan, Owner

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Learn more about bowling from the Professional Bowlers Association.

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If you are interested in additional products and accessories relevant to bowling, you may be interested in purchasing a bowling ball. However, then you may also need to spend money on bowling ball polisher & bowling ball polish.  It may be cheaper to buy a bowling video game so you can pretend to bowl... If you really love bowling, you may want to get a bowling magazine subscription or simply buy a good book about bowling. If you are truly a fanatic about the sport of bowling, you definitely need a bowling ball keychain. Also, do not forget about your kids and start their training with bowling toys.

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