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RFID is an important element in the fashion and textile industry.  Companies can track product from fiber to final consumer.  Clothing and fashion accessory companies, must learn more about RFID to stay competitive in the international world of fashion.  If you are not currently using RFID on pallets, you really should start your planning.  Eventually, you may be required to put RFID tags directly on clothes.

RFID ICs are the tiny computer chips in the RFID labels.

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The files listed above regarding RFID for the fashion industry have been provided by NXP Semiconductors (founded by Philips):

With over 2 billion RFID-chips sold to date, NXP Semiconductors is the world's leader in the design and manufacturing of contactless chips used in smart cards, smart labels and tags as well as in car access and immobilizer systems and the corresponding reader components. The company has been in RFID since 1988 and has a historical strategy to drive the technology and solutions expertise with a shared-vision with key industry partners across the value chain.

The Fashion industry is one of their focus segments for RFID on item level. With projects at focus customers like Metro, Gerry Weber or Otto they have proven that RFID works in the fashion industry on a technical level but it also makes sense in economical terms. They strongly support a harmonized approach through their standardization effort at EPCglobal and ISO as well as though cooperation with the AAFA, German Fashion or the Japanese Apparel Industry Council.

NXP's most comprehensive IC portfolio covers all relevant RFID frequency bands including 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, UHF and 2.45 GHz. The company offers its RFID technology as an open platform and is an active promoter of global standards to build the foundation for widespread adoption. NXP was the world's first major vendor to have its UHF-chips certified by EPCGlobal as Gen2 compliant.

For more information on how NXP Semiconductors can assist you with RFID for the clothing and fashion accessories industry, you can contact:

Rainer Lutz by E-mail Rainer.Lutz@Philips.com or by 
phone tel: +43 664 81 31 184 Fax fax: +43 3124 299 270

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