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Stationary RFID Reader Suppliers:

Brookes Automation: Brooks RFID Division provides readers and accessories for 134.2 (LF) and 13.56 MHz (HF) technologies. All HF Readers comply with ISO19563 Standard. Originally a subcontractor for the semiconductor industry, Brooks RFID products are designed to meet the highest quality, safety and reliability requirements necessary for mission critical applications. In this context, they benefit from more than 10 years experience in the field of identification via RFID technology.

Feig Electronic (Germany): For 30 years Feig Electronic GmbH has been the specialist for contactless identification (RFID), control electronics and traffic remote sensing . Feig Electronic, founded in 1970 has today about 120 people in the employ of the firm.

iPico:  focuses on the development of cost efficient passive RFID products for industry wide applications; chips, tags, readers and data visibility devices. iPico UHF, 2.45GHz and Dual Frequency RFID products excel at low cost, long read range, fast multi-read anti-collision and high thru-beam read-speeds of dynamic tag populations. iPico and manufacturers in South Africa, Europe, Israel, Asia and Australasia produce smart labels and tags based on the iP-Xtm communication protocol. iPico's low interference readers comply with regulatory requirements in major geographical regions, and allow for multi-reader rollout in close proximity. The iPico DIMItm middleware platform manages applications in large scale, distributed systems, while the DIMItm data and connectivity architecture allows for effective device management, data switching and data security.

RF Code Inc. was founded in 1997 with a clear mission: to design, develop and manufacture high performance, low-cost Auto-ID solutions. Today, they market complete RFID systems that accurately identify and track physical assets, information and personnel. Their Mantis active RFID tags and readers incorporate patented innovations to provide high functionality at the lowest cost in the industry. Their TAVIS data management software platform supports the broad spectrum of Auto-ID devices for data collection, filtering and consolidation. In concert with its partners, RF Code provides solutions for aggregating, analyzing and mining Auto-ID data at the edge of the network.

RightTag, Inc. is a privately held company that provides automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions. RightTag provides top-notch products and services that enable companies to use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to its fullest potential. You can buy or license RFID technology from RightTag. As a leading manufacturers of 13.56 RFID readers, RightTag helps companies to come up with the cost effective AIDC solutions. RightTag makes it easier for the companies to automate processes thus improving the management of tracked objects and streamline the planning and operations which support those efforts. With RightTag, businesses can lower operation cost through user of automation with smart RFID technology.

ThinkMagic is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializing in RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, sensors, and other embedded and low cost computing technologies. They believe in open standards, multiple sources, and the power of partnerships. Their standards-based products are available worldwide from a growing number of manufacturing licensees, OEM partners, resellers and integrators.

WJ Communications Inc.: is a leading RF semiconductor company focusing on the design and manufacture of high-quality devices and multi-chip modules (MCMs) for telecommunications, RF identification and homeland security systems worldwide. WJ's highly reliable amplifiers, mixers, RF integrated circuits (RFICs), RFID reader modules, chipsets and MCM products are used to transmit, receive and process signals that enable current and next generation wireless and wireline services.

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