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soybean fiber for soybean textiles and soy fabricWelcome to the soybean protein fiber directory section of the Apparel Search website.  In this section, you will find educational information and links to resources relevant to soybean protein fibers. 

Soybean Protein fiber is a new-typed healthy, comfortable and environmental textile fiber, It is the only renovated botanic protein fiber we can touch today.   It is the sole nutritional "Active fiber" alive.  Its moisture absorption, ventilation, draping and warmth cover the superiorities of all natural fibers. SPF has the softness and the smoothness of cashmere, but no harm to the nature. The raw material comes from soybean, a plant massive in sourcing and rich in nutrition. SPF fabrics are resolvable in the earth back to the nature.

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fashion directory  Huakangtianyuan High-Tech Co., Ltd,: Huakangtianyuan High-Tech Co., ltd is the global leader in plant protein fibre research, production and application. Leaded by Chief scientist Li Guanqi, the Huakang R&D center invented soybean protein fibre (SOP), which filled up the vacancy in this field in the world. As the first man-made textile fibre developed by Chinese, SOP is considered as one of the most important inventions of 21 Century by most specialists in textile industry.

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