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fashion directory  Larwrence H. Flynn Inc.: they are Logistic Managers specializing in delivery, installation of Retail Fixtures, and Merchandising. They have been operating in the Orlando area for five years. They offer Trade Show services, New Furniture & Equipment Storage and Delivery, and Fixture Installation ,delivery, set up, and merchandising. They also do repairs on existing fixtures and cabinets. They are multi task oriented and have talented people to perform various types of work. Unlike other similar companies, they do not subcontract their work out. They have their own employees do your work for quality control purposes. They also eliminate the need for you to have staff, vehicles, Insurance, and payroll to accomplish your merchandising, delivery and installation needs. Their staff includes-a full office staff, experienced installers, warehouse personnel, and merchandisers. They have a 6200 square foot warehouse and are centrally located in Orlando. Their facilities offer Fork Lift and both Dock high and ground level loading and unloading. They are capable of receiving and sending freight. Address: 3418 North orange Blossom Trail Orlando Florida 32804 USA Phone: 407-521-5656 or 407-521-5658 Fax: 407-521-5657 Email:  Contact: Larry Flynn.

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