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Portion of Seventh Avenue in New York City is also called Fashion Avenue.

Running through the Garment District (which stretches from 12th Avenue to 5th Avenue and 34th Street to 39th Street), it is referred to as Fashion Avenue due to its role as a center of the garment and fashion industry and the famed fashion designers who established New York as a world fashion capital. The first, temporary signs designating the section of Seventh Avenue as "Fashion Avenue" were dual-posted in 1972, with permanent signs added over the ensuing years.

This is not just a colloquial moniker: the name of Fashion Avenue is actually on the street signs.  The United States Postal Service delivers mail using either street name.

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By the way, Fashion Avenue NYC is sometimes abbreviated as "Fashion Ave".

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New York City's 7th Avenue has a second name which is "Fashion Avenue".

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